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The Vickie Guerrero Fat Jokes Need To Go

Vickie Guerrero has lost 52 poundsYou have to love the WWE. Only on WWE RAW can you tune in and see a video promoting an anti-bullying campaign and several minutes later see fat jokes levied at a skinny woman. Stop the bullying and promote anorexia on Monday Night RAW!

I really hate to see people get all upset over someone’s words but unfortunately, I am about to join that club. It really is time for the WWE to dump the Vickie Guerrero fat jokes. They always bothered me but something about hearing Lawler make those remarks on the July 4 RAW really just sent me over the edge. These fat jokes while not funny are incredibly irresponsible for a company that markets itself to young children.

Let’s take Vickie out of the equation for one second. I’ll definitely get back to her. I look out at the crowd at WWE events and see tons of kids, young kids. These kids are obviously watching RAW and listening to a babyface announcer constantly make fun of a woman’s weight. Yes, yes I know that the parents bear the brunt of the responsibility here but you can’t have it both ways if you are the WWE. You can’t tell kids not to bully but make it okay for them to go around making fun of someone for being overweight.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now let’s talk about Vickie Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero is a 43-year old widowed mother of two. Makes for a great heel right? After losing her husband Vickie was offered a job with the WWE. Vickie excelled and quickly became one of the most entertaining characters on television. WWE fans loathed her loud voice and obnoxious personality. Yes Vickie had all of the tools to be a great WWE villain except one thing. She was a woman on WWE television without a bikini body.

The babyface WWE commentators quickly turned into insensitive third grade brats and began regularly making fun of Vickie’s physique. You know the same way they referred to Mickie James as Piggy James. It was never funny but okay, you mention it once and move on. Not in the WWE. Her weight became commentary fodder on a weekly basis to the point where some SmackDown broadcasts were bombarded with fat jokes for two hours. I am sure her daughter’s classmates were very sensitive to their mother’s newfound fame as a fat tramp.

What is a woman to do in that kind of situation? She can quit and guess what? She did quit. After four years of being portrayed as a fat, power hungry, desperate slut on television, she quit the company. She said all of the right things but the irony here is that this all came after she moved to RAW. I don’t know but has anyone noticed how Jerry Lawler loves to throw those fat jokes around? She said all of the right things in media interviews but I can’t believe anyone or their family wouldn’t be bothered by this treatment on a weekly basis.

Vickie returned to the company and came back knowing full well of what laid ahead of her. But something happened when Vickie returned. She lost a little bit of weight. Slowly over the course of about a year and a half Vickie got in what I would call phenomenal shape for someone her age. One would think that the WWE would hold her up as a role model or celebrate her physical achievement? One would have to think again.

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Vickie Guerrero recently told a reporter that she lost a total of 52 pounds over the course of a year. Not only is that a remarkable number but here is a woman that did it the right way. She didn’t crash diet but instead changed her lifestyle. Here is how she did it.

I’ve lost 52 pounds. My secret was to stop eating all the junk food after leaving the arenas. I never really trained the first four years I was with WWE, so I wasn’t happy with how I looked and I wanted to have some improvement, so I found a personal trainer and also started doing the nutrition side of it. I’m really happy with the results, and I probably have like 20 more pounds to go. You cut out breads; you cut out all the junk food. I don’t drink any more sodas. I just eat healthy chicken and steak and rice. I don’t have any fried foods. I do have my cheat days and I look forward to them because you have to enjoy life. It’s so bad at our catering at work because our dessert table is bigger than our entrée table, so I save my Mondays and Tuesdays for a piece of cake or something that’s sweet. That’s my reward if I work hard during the week.

The WWE really has an opportunity to send a strong message to men and women struggling with weight issues thanks to Vickie. Instead I tune in to WWE RAW on Monday and hear Jerry Lawler (who ironically has bigger breasts with his shirt off than Vickie at this point) making fat jokes at Vickie. What kind of a message is that? She looks great but in the WWE’s eyes, she is still fat. She still doesn’t measure up to what the WWE image of a television performer is supposed to look like? Imagine the impact this could have on young girls and boys watching this at home on a weekly basis? It is completely irresponsible and quite frankly, downright disgusting.

[adinserter block=”1″]I get it and I do understand that this is show business and she is a heel. But if the WWE creative team is that unimaginable to come up with material that they have to roast her with fat jokes when she is obviously in better shape than any woman in their 40s that I know, well then the WWE needs a new creative team or Jerry Lawler needs a serious class in sensitivity to these issues. Could you imagine the outrage Lawler would have had if the announcers made fun of his age and weight when he was headlining a pay per view against The Miz?

The WWE is currently in the midst of yet its fourth controversy regarding homophobic slurs in three and a half months. The WWE as a company are very sensitive to criticisms from the gay community on their product. I wish some organization representing women would hold the WWE to the same standards in which GLAAD does.

If you are obviously going to market your company to kids and stick your chests out about an anti-bullying campaign you need to be sensitive to all issues that could affect the younger eyes watching your product. Self-image is probably the most sensitive issue a young girl can have and whether she has to see a skinny woman called fat or her classmates think it is okay to make fat jokes at women, the WWE needs to get their heads out of their chauvinistic asses and make themselves more aware of the impact their actions have on their target market.

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  1. I don't think she's fat anymore, and anyone with a pair of eyes can see that she's gone to great lengths to trim down from what she used to be. As someone who has done the same over the last 2 years, I can really appreciate that and respect it. I still think she's really ugly, but in regards to her weight, the fat jokes should have stopped long ago. I recall one episode of RAW where Lawler and John Cena were trading "Vicki's so fat" jokes for roughly about 5 minutes, and on top of that, they were just the most unfunny, cliched fat jokes you've ever heard. She must have an iron will to put up with that every week.

  2. Vickie Guerrero has a way better body type than Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly or any other Diva who has no meat on their bones, only silicone. I dare say that Vickie, Beth Phoenix, Nattie and Eve are the only ones on the roster with realistic and laudable body types.

    • totally agree with that

      I think you're mistaking this organization for something that actually cares about anything except making a fast buck


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