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The Michael Vick-Donovan McNabb Quarterback Controversy Begins

Donovan McNabb and Michael VickDonovan McNabb’s worst nightmare has begun. McNabb, Reid, and the Philadelphia Eagles begged Philly fans to give Michael Vick a chance. Well, it is safe to say that Vick is a hit in Philly. As a matter of a fact, Vick is such a hit that a loud We Want Vick chant broke out at the Linc after Donovan McNabb threw a third quarter interception.

Cynical reporters and talk radio hosts chuckled when Michael Vick was introduced as a Philadelphia Eagle. The whispers of a quarterback controversy started immediately. McNabb brushed off any questions by answering that he brought him here. Well Donovan got what he wanted. He asked for Philly fans to accept Vick, they do, and they let McNabb know it in the third quarter.

[adinserter block=”1″]McNabb did not play well last night. It is hard to put all of the blame on McNabb. The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line is a mess. Winston Justice and Jason Peters looked like they exchanged jerseys last night. Peters looked like a turnstile as Jaguars blitzed past him all night. McNabb had to rely on his feet more than he has in the last few years.

Vick had a decent start. The fans immediately accepted him and gave him a nice ovation. I’ll be honest, once I saw him on the field I immediately forgot about my reservations. He looked indecisive at times in my opinion. Vick took the snap in what would probably be called a Wildcat formation, yet that is arguable since Vick is technically a quarterback. Vick went 4 for 4 for 19 yards. Vick’s legwork was unimpressive as he rushed once for one yard.

Vick defenders and loyal Eagles fans raved about the offense after the team signed Vick. Well, where was that unstoppable offense that is supposed to give defensive coordinators weekly fits? The idea of Vick coming in several times throughout a game to take a snap with McNabb at wide receiver is not going to work. It looked rushed and awkward at times whenever they tried it last night. I know Vick needs more time, but I don’t think any defensive coordinators were scared of what they saw last night.

The heir to Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb started off gangbusters. Kolb was called for intentional grounding which resulted in a safety on his first play of the game. I think it is time to call this guy a complete bust. Kolb has never shown any glimpses of a guy that is ready to take over Donovan McNabb’s job. The guy was a wasted draft pick and one of the biggest draft busts of the Reid era. Maybe we needed Vick more than we thought after all?

The defense finally stepped up and showed more promise tonight than they have in awhile. Asante Samuel is quickly turning into the leader of the defense. He played a heck of a game which included a forced fumble. At one point the camera showed Samuel preaching to the defense ala Brian Dawkins.

[adinserter block=”2″]It only took one game for the beginnings what is bound to be a quarterback controversy here in Philadelphia. It only took the third quarter of Vick’s first game as a Philadelphia Eagle for the fans to start chanting his name. I have no reason to believe that the Eagles will turn this offense around in two weeks. The calls will only continue and it is going to ugly fast for Donovan McNabb.

Congratulations Donovan, Michael Vick is a hit!

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