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The Useless & Bogus NFL Top 100 Players List

Tom Brady was named number 1 on the NFL top 100 2011 players listMy name is Terri Bey, and for my debut blog for, I will be discussing the completely ridiculous “NFL Top 100 Players of 2011 List” which was supposedly voted “by the players that concluded this past Sunday night on NFL Network.

Honestly, I would like to know which players actually vote as hardly anyone knows of any. that did. Ryan Clark of the Steelers said on Twitter he had no knowledge of any one who voted. From looking at the results, many of them mind-boggling, Even though the year was for 2011, according to NFLN, the voting criteria was supposed to be for the play of 2010. I wondered if any of them were paying attention to the play of the players or were they asleep.

Let me make one thing clear before I continue. I do not like lists. Sure, they create discussions and arguments and fans, including myself all feel good or bad or whatever because their favorite placed high or low on a list. However, the reason I don’t like them, is the same reason I am not a huge fan of Halls of Fame: Lists, much like Halls of Fame are voted on by HUMANS. What do humans have? They have their political agendas, biases, attitudes, prejudices, etc, and they use that to vote FOR and to vote AGAINST a player or artist (like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame having ABBA in but no KISS). I feel with this PARTICULAR list, some players got on there because of legacies, and popularity, and not because of their play in 2010. Some players, in my opinion were voted too high or too low because the voters possibly held things against said player.

Well, let’s get onto my opinion about this list. I am not going to analyze every single player, but there were a bunch that really annoyed me so here we go:

What on earth was Donovan McNabb doing on the list at all??? Look, the man had a great career, but, did anyone pay attention? He had a HORRIBLE 2010. Awful. He was benched for REX GROSSMAN of all people. I know he has a legacy, but did not belong on the list. Tony Romo for me was another head scratcher. I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought he missed 10 games with a broken collar bone in 2010. Why was he on the list? I know the Cowboys are popular, but seriously. Everyone else that was picked deserved to be on the list, even though I think Joe Flacco is a bit iffy,

Now, to the rankings which really irked me. The ONLY rankings that the players got correct was Tom Brady being ranked #1, and Peyton Manning being ranked #2. It is hard to fathom anyone else but Brady. In 2010, Brady was the ONLY NFL MVP to be voted a UNANIMOUS MVP, and went through 2010 with only what, 4 INTs. I know Peyton has all the commercials, and ESPN loves him to death, but even Peyton has never been voted unanimous MVP in the 4 times he has been awarded that honor. I mean, so what if the Jets beat the Pats in the playoffs? Even the great racehorses get beat. Tom deserved to get the #1 spot.

Now to the others that the players just swung and missed. Why on earth is Ray Lewis #4? In other words, he was voted the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER in the NFL for 2010. IF this was for the year 2000, I would have no problem. Lewis is well respected as a player, and a leader, and overcame the off the field issues he had. This is the perfect example of a player being voted higher than he should because of who he is. While I respect him, he is not the Ray Lewis of old. No way he should be in the Top 5. I don’t understand the love for Ed Reed. He is not nearly as accomplished as Troy Polamalu (Troy 2 rings. Ed : ZERO). Ed is a great player, but I would have ranked Troy over Reed. I don’t think Reed is a top ten player.

The one ranking that REALLY annoyed me for awhile is Ben Roethlisberger at #41. This was a total travesty, especially since Philip Rivers was ranked #26, and Aaron Rodgers was ranked #11, and Michael Vick #20. What QB play were these players watching??? Of course, when it comes to Big Ben, everyone all of a sudden does what I call, “finds religion.” What I mean is, people start acting all pious, and stuff, and act like they are better than he is morally. I suspect these players held Big Ben’s wild offseasons against him and don’t think of him as an “elite QB” because he doesn’t put up pretty numbers like Brees (#9) and Peyton do. I do find it interesting that these players rank a convicted felon (Vick) 21 spots over Big Ben who has NEVER BEEN charged with anything but was just suspended by the NFL. Hmmmmm.

I also found it interesting that Rivers’ Chargers were #1 in Defense, and #1 in Offense, but Rivers and his Chargers didn’t even make the playoffs, yet he is ranked over Ben who lead his team to a Super Bowl? Rivers has YET to lead his team to ONE Super Bowl, while Ben who was in the same draft class mind you, has lead the Steelers to THREE, and won TWO. Also, we have Aaron Rodgers who won ONE Super Bowl, over the Steelers, and because of that, he is ranked #11? I think that is way too high.

I thought DeMarcus Ware should have been in the top 5. Wes Welker was way too low. I would have had him in the top 25 at least. Big Ben would have been in the top 10. Darrell Revis and Julius Peppers would have been in the Top 20. Michael Vick would have been in the 50’s or so. I just don’t think Vick is a very good QB honestly.

I just thought this list was just bogus. The placement of a lot of the players just didn’t make any sense to me. I get annoyed at lists by the so called “experts” on both NFLN and ESPN, but I THOUGHT that MAYBE the players since they play the game will give us a more reasonable list. I was wrong.

Thanks for reading.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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