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The Unraveling Of Ronda Rousey On UFC TUF 18

The Ultimate Fighter season 18 is underway and it has started off with a bang. The coaching rivalry is delivering and the fights have been fantastic. Yet it is Ronda Rousey who is by far the most compelling dynamic of the show.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have been off The Ultimate Fighter bandwagon for awhile. The last season that kept me hooked from beginning to end was the Chuck vs. Tito season. The UFC ran out of undiscovered gems and the coaching rivalries have greatly disappointed (although I was hooked on the Faber vs. Cruz rivalry before Cruz got hurt.) The addition of women fighters and women coaches was a gutsy yet brilliant move on behalf of Fox and the UFC.

When Dana White compared the Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate coaching rivalry to Ken Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz he wasn’t overselling it. It is almost identical to that great season. Shamrock was the fan favorite going into the season with Ortiz as the company’s biggest heel. However once the season played out the roles reversed with Tito becoming the unlikely sympathetic fighter. Two episodes in that is exactly how this is playing out and I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the UFC.

The UFC have invested a lot of time and money into Rousey. She has become the face of the company in less than a year. They have carefully crafted this image of Rousey as a humble, shy, genuine athlete available to be your kid’s role model. In just two episodes that image has become unraveled and as fascinating as it is to watch, I can’t help but think that this is something that could blow up in their faces.

Not only is Rousey crazy, but she is extremely arrogant and unlikeable compared to Tate. Tate comes off almost exactly like Tito did as one of the few coaches there for the fighters. Tate not only seems to genuinely care for her fighters, she appears to be there to help them win. She also seems to dismiss Rousey as…well crazy, the same that Tito did to Ken. It is almost as if these girls watched the show and made a silent agreement to replicate it.

Rousey started off the show with a bang when she walked out after Tate entered. Now the story on that has surfaced and if viewers knew the story, Rousey may not have looked as bad. However, unless they are going out of their way to find out on the Internet all they saw was a spoiled brat walking off the set. I could be wrong but I don’t remember any coach in TUF history walking off the set after a coaching change.

The second episode showed Rousey at her worst. Rousey had the chance to pick the first fight. The idea behind picking the first fight is that coaches can pick a fight to give their fighters a competitive advantage. Pick what you think will be the easiest fight for your fighter so your fighter stays fresh and moves on to the next round. That is the whole idea behind the advantage. Rousey never got the memo.

Rousey instead went into business all for herself. Instead of picking an easy fight for her fighter or looking for a competitive advantage, she wanted to mess with Tate. She picked her best fighter to go against Tate’s best fighter to “take the heart of the team out.” It sounds great for television drama but it is probably one of the most selfish moves a coach can make.

Rousey is there to coach and one would suspect that she would come up with a competitive game plan because after all, her fighter is fighting the number one draft pick. Nope. Instead Rousey proudly says she did not give Shana a game plan. On the other side, Tate and her team are working on techniques and a strategy with Juliana. Tate is talking about Juliana while Rousey is consumed with Tate. This ranked right up there with Rampage’s “Get up Abe” strategy which I should point out, was at least a strategy.

The fight itself was a fantastic fight and Rousey’s fighter lost. Who could have guessed that a fighter would have lost a fight against the top pick without a game plan? Rousey then gets emotional and is upset at Tate for smiling at the victory. Keep in mind Tate didn’t mock Shana in any way and what coach wouldn’t be happy to see her fighter beat the best fighter in the house? Rousey then starts crying and cuts a random promo on Tate. Tate had the best retort of the show when she told Rousey that Shana was her friend, completely debunking Rousey’s wild imagination that Shana was being mocked.

[adinserter block=”2″]It gets better! Tate now gets to pick the next fight in the house. Tate picks a fight against one of Rousey’s guys who has an injured hand. Rousey goes off about how much of a coward and bogus move it was on Tate’s part. Does she not understand the idea of a competitive advantage? This is also coming from the same woman who wanted to “take the heart out of the team.” She is insane and the idea she wouldn’t look for those advantages tells you all you need to know about how interests compared to Tate’s.

Needless to say I am hooked! It is impossible to look away from this train wreck. Unfortunately the carefully crafted image the UFC created for Rousey is being blown away to pieces every Wednesday night. That can’t be a good thing for anyone.

Well anyone except Miesha Tate who will now go into the fight with Rousey as one of the most popular fighters in the company. A win for Tate would make this gamble pay off for everyone. Unfortunately the chances of that happening aren’t very good.

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  1. I don’t need to know a while lot about the background of any of these fighters to form a sensible opinion. I have seen what, 7-8 episodes now, edited or not, Meisha Tate may be a little goof, and she certainly is at times, but Ronda rousey is a mess. She is a self absorbed little brat and its brutal to watch her twist every single event into some sort of personal assault upon her or her camp. She is dishonest, and a borderline Sociopath. This piece, although writen just 2 episodes in is bang on, and just because some poster above wrote a small novella in response, doesn’t make her right. so play all you like sister, you’re talking sh*t.

  2. This season of the Ultimate Fighter has been awesome. I think the women really make the difference and their fights are drawing the most interest and attention. The rivalry between Rousey and Tate definitely ads to the interest of the show, but I really think it's the novelty of women's MMA that is why there is so much attention. The growth in women's MMA has really been dramatic over the last few years and I think it's going to continue to grow.

  3. As mentioned by the writer, most of us know of the Tate – Rousey rivalry, most of us know that most WMMA fighters can't stand Tate. We know because we go to sites like this, read articles, and comment. To the casual fan though, Rousey couldn't look any worse than she does on this show. Atleast thus far.

  4. I agree with almost everything. For the most part, I haven’t seen the UFC present Ronda as shy or humble. And why would they, given their history of arrogant cash cows? She’s a notoriously proud fighter, as evidenced by her comments when she accepted the UFC belt. Also, Ronda explained the walk-out on-air (she thought she was being replaced). Very good points overall. Nice season so far.

  5. okay, i'll play. what one is seeing on tuf is about the exact opposite of reality. All fighters except pena stated that they wanted to be on ronda's team, and a number of them (bollinger included) have publically stated that rousey really cared for and coached her kids throughout TUF, while tate and caraway after the 1st fight did pretty much nothing! Almost no contact between them and their fighters!

    In addition, as soon as rousey leaves for bulgaria to film, tate and caraway begin their nonstop verbal assault against rousey, with her not here to respond! The ones's that you claim portray themselves as sympathetic, are the same ones that just told ronda (in her absence) to STFU, have had uttered nonstop slams against ronda, all the while portraying themselves as rational and reasonable. Let me remind you of a few facts. Caraway elbowed zingano in the head when she wasn't looking; tate defended him; caraway is the one that stated he was going to knock ronda's teeth down her throat; then tate and caraway took to twitter and facebook to defend and justify that comment.

    Ronda stated point blank that the reason she can't stand tate is that she comes off one way to your face and then stabs you in the back (verbally) as soon as your back is turned. Sure enough, as soon as ronda left, tate started the constant stream of slams against ronda, with caraway in tow.

    LaRosa can't stand tate; zingano can't stand tate; rousey can't stand tate; none of tate's fighters wanted anything to do with her team, other than training partner pena.

    So tate and caraway are out to destroy ronda's reputation, and anything ronda does feeds into that as she tries to carry the rivalry to promote both the fight and the show. And if they happen to succeed in destroying her reputation, then you won't have to worry about continuing to write women's mma articles vis a vie the UFC, because women's mma will be history!

    Dumb as a rock tate thinks she's getting back at ronda. She will destroy her own career, and that of every other female fighter is she succeeds.

    As far as dana white, he is blowing the greatest expansion opportunity the ufc has ever had in allowing this ultimate fighter garbage to happen. Ronda will do whatever she can to promote it, which means pimping the rivalry, and it will cost her dearly, and the UFC as well.

    When ronda came to the UFC, she was the biggest thing that had ever happened to that organization. Dana has taken her and turned her into a "just another one of the fighters." When that becomes a reality, women's mma in the ufc is done!

    If i'm ronda, the fight with tate in December is the last mma fight i have; after that, it's off to hollywood…for good!

  6. Umm Dana controls the editing and the image they are putting out there is exactly what they want! A per taped and edited show will never derail the worlds most controlling promoter. This is exactly how Dana wants it. We will understand why by the end. Nice try writer. You couldn't be more wrong

    • Nice try commenter. Can you give me 1 good reason they would want to portray this way? They can only edit so much. Yeah he controls the editing but he can only work with what she has. The girl is a mess.


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