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The Undertaker Sets Tone for WWE WrestleMania 30 With RAW Performance

There are moments from WrestleMania we talk about for years as if they happened just moments ago. We will always remember Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. We will always remember Hogan and Andre. And we will always remember Triple H/Undertaker II.

[adinserter block=”1″]Then there are moments before WrestleMania that will remain etched in our minds as some of the best work the WWE could produce. Monday night’s confrontation between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar may have been one for the ages. Sorry about my Jim Nance reference, but in this case, it is most deserved at the best time of the season, the season of WrestleMania.

There were many possibilities of how the WWE could have built a match between Undertaker and a host of company superstars. But by making Lesnar the man to take aim at the streak (21-0 for those of you following at home) the company has set its roster for the event in New Orleans early and should be able to tell a better story to the fans than it did last season.

And thank God, there is no Rock/Cena talk to coincide with potentially a pretty good WrestleMania lineup. The WWE did itself well to get out in front of this sooner than last year and the principals involved make the battles in New Orleans a lot better than the promotion of last year’s event in New Jersey.

The WWE also did it self well by starting the promotion immediately after Elimination Chamber, where the irons were still hot.

Undertaker/Lesnar is the only way the company could have gone.

– John Cena and Bray Wyatt are going to battle

– There is no CM Punk to speak of, unless he interrupts the WWE World Title Match

– Hulk Hogan is hosting but it is not sure if he will be a “part” of the show

– Daniel Bryan and Kane are set for a “monster” showdown, which could result in this being Kane’s last match.

In most cases of late, the entrance of Undertaker after Elimination Chamber has been dramatic, but his challenge to an opponent has been anti-climactic. This year, his path to Lesnar was as good as it could have been with any opponent in recent years. And the fact Paul Heyman is again involved in this “program,” it could mean aces for the company. While it is not as “sinister” as it was last year with Paul Bearer, it could still be as “evil” in its delivery.

The idea that Heyman and his “guy” are taking another shot and bringing down the icon of the company we get a 5-star match.

We hope.

The match between CM Punk and Undertaker last season was one of the best we had seen. It was late in the game before it was promoted, mainly because Undertaker had not decided whether he would wrestle and the company was left with this match of sorts.

But it delivered. Now, a larger, more intimidating wrestler, who can “shoot” with ‘Taker on the mat and use his MMA ability on an even playing field should make for a stellar match – one I and millions hope will steal the show.

It needs to for a few reasons.

– Randy Orton will face Batista in a match none of the WWE Universe wants. This is a match where the winner in the match may be Orton because he loses. Everything Orton has said of late about Batista is true.

– John Cena and Bray Wyatt have a chance to be very good, but it all depends on Cena. Can he carry Wyatt and get him over? There is a real feel that Cena will now work with the new generation of stars. Since he cannot win anything else since he has won everything there is, stockpiling is not in the cards for Cena.

– There could be a “sleeper” match involving Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. It will knock the roof off the arena. This is the match we all want to see, but there is no definite split as of yet between the “unholy” trinity.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Undertaker set it off and did a pretty good job for placing his name at the WrestleMania XXX table. While he always holds his end of the bargain, it is not up to the company, and Brock Lesnar, to follow through and hold their place as well.

This could an amazing time in the WWE. The Deadman made the statement that it needs to happen.Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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