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New The Undertaker WWE WrestleMania 30 Match Rumors

For the first time in a few years questions surrounding The Undertaker’s WWE WrestleMania match appeared answered. Brock Lesnar was locked and ready to go. However, new reports suggest that the Dead Man may not wind up wrestling the former UFC champ after all.

[adinserter block=”1″]This was one of those rare years where there was no mystery about who would be challenging the streak. Brock Lesnar was reportedly set for the spot with numerous outlets reporting that Lesnar and Taker are a go for months. Apparently that is no longer the case and there are new opponents rumored for the Dead Man.

A new report in the Wrestling Observer has fans excited about a new prospective Mania match. Dave Meltzer reports that The Undertaker has personally requested to wrestle Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. Meltzer indicates that the plans between Taker and Lesnar have been in the works for awhile and nothing has officially changed at this point. Yet there is a small possibility that the spot could open up for Bryan.

As soon as this news hit the Internet fans went wild on social media with the idea of Bryan vs. Taker. There are a few reasons that I believe this may be the better way to go with Undertaker. For starters he’d have to wrestle a far less physical match with Bryan. Quite frankly that is the most important key here. The Undertaker is always banged up and at his age a match with Lesnar could really take its toll. Wrestling against someone as smooth as Daniel Bryan would be more physically accommodating for the big man as opposed to working with the former UFC champion. I don’t think anyone would deny that and reports indicate that the WWE are greatly concerned about the physicality of a Lesnar vs. Undertaker match.

Two, Bryan could greatly benefit from this spot. Wrestling The Undertaker will do nothing for Brock Lesnar as a draw. Quite frankly it could hurt him since he will likely be the one looking up at the lights. The WWE could get far more mileage out of putting Bryan in this position than Lesnar.

Sheamus is another name that has popped up lately when talking about The Undertaker’s match at WrestleMania 30. There are some that believe that Sheamus is in the running for that spot. Sheamus was up for the spot a few years ago and it never came to fruition. I think of the three options, this would be the worst idea in regards to match quality. I am sure the match would be good but I don’t see the potential for a classic like a Taker vs. Bryan or Lesnar would have.

The other advantage to scrapping Lesnar vs. Undertaker is that it opens up Lesnar for something else on the show. I don’t know who he’d wrestle other than The Undertaker but now you have an added big match to the show. Maybe Sheamus vs. Brock or even Bryan vs. Brock with Sheamus getting the spot with Taker? With Brock’s recent overtures made towards the WWE title, maybe he somehow winds up in that situation?

[adinserter block=”2″]When the dust settles I still think they go with Lesnar and The Undertaker. There is a story already there going back to their confrontation at a UFC event and the match would be bigger than anything else on the show. As much as I am intrigued by Bryan and Taker, I think the smart move for business here is to stick with the game plan.

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  1. El undertaker no será vencido nunca, entiéndanlo, no le conviene a la empresa ya que el msiterio de verlo perder tiene que seguir para que la gente no pierda interés. Veo la wwe desde los años 90, no soy nuevo en esto, la única forma ( guión) de que taker pierda es que sea una lucha SORPRESA el taker en el ring contra todos los personajes que vencio en Wrestlemania todos al mismo tiempo y en ese momento se apagan las luces y mediante un show encierran al taker en un sacófago o en la Urna, y los oponentes tirados en el ring vencidos..sólo así sería un digno fin al taker y su despedida como el mas grande luchador.

  2. its lesnar 100%. daniel bryan vs taker offer 0 interest. daniel bryan is a jobber who is getting a push because he is engaged to the sister of the top guys girlfriend nothing more in short daniel bryan sucks. the taker lesnar match is the only one worth booking. the only other match that would make sense is undertaker vs kane. lets be honest about the sting vs taker match possibility….really? what is sting 60? at this point its about 10 years past when that match would be interesting. lesnar vs taker or don't do it at all.

  3. as far as undertaker’s age is concerned,he is not able enough to fight a tough guy like lesnar who can break his arm in one attempt …..

    so,it is not good for him to ask the management to arrange a fight with lesnar ,however, he can defeat bryan who is a bit psycho……

  4. I have also read reports that wwe is very close to signing sting! Yes it may finally happen and rumor is that could be the opponent for Taker at WM 30 his TNA contract is now up..what do yiu guys think!? Id love it since it would be 2 guys wrestling both at end of careers and i thin the roof would blow off the place if Sting walked out to the WWE Universe!:)

  5. Ideally, Taker should be against Bryan.

    As for Lesnar, he is best set in a three way of himself, Del Rio and Batista. That would be a real draw.

    With that opportunity, this would provide for a fatal three way for a match against Orton for the championship, or with Orton’s latest “bad behaviour”, maybe he could have his title stripped and either a fatal 3 way (Lesnar, Batista, Del Rio) or a 4 way with Orton.

    Which ever the result, the rivalries that would be created for future storylines would be unquestionable.

    Maybe even have a chance for Bryan (should he beat taker), to be made #1 contender. Then, the losers form the other match will be jockeying for position to take that from Bryan.

    Whatever the case, they need to bring Taker back in for a couple of matches first, otherwise he will end up being viewed as a Wrestlemania freak ONLY for appearances.

  6. I want to see batishta vs brock leasner this will be the most strongest match ever been.or the rock vs batishta match i could not see plz.remember this think.

  7. Here’s the hard truth: no one in wrestling today should stop the streak other than another icon. Why? Please explain to me how Taker could possibly lose to a small fry like Daniel Bryan after beating people like Shawn Michaels, HHH, Kevin Nash, Kane and so fourth. I would stop watching wrestling after that insult. It would not make sense. Plus, I don’t care how popular Bryan is, he hasn’t been around long enough in my mind to deserve to end the streak. You have guys that have done this for much longer and sacrificed more just to stand in line. Cena? Hell no! Batista? No again! He doesn’t deserve it either. Now if Lesner beats Big Show at the RR then he will be in line as a believable threat to the streak but that’s only if he wins legitimately and as already mentioned he and Taker already have a back story. But honestly, Lesner hasn’t given enough to the business to deserve it either. So who does that leave?

    The only person who is still in the business that is big enough and well known enough to be a believable threat to the streak is Sting. PERIOD. An icon deserves to be beat only by another icon!!!! Anything else is BS and a plain disgrace to the legend of the Undertaker. I like Daniel Bryan but if that is the person they allow to end the streak then I will be done with WWE. That idea isn’t even palatable!!!!!

    • Its almost certain from many articles ive read that it will be Bryan vs Sheamus at Mania so dont worry man! Sting vs Taker is a very real possibility too:)

  8. who ever thinks lesnar is a good match for taker is the moron first taker is getting older and lesnar wont lay down for him that man has too much going to lay down for a choke slam or a tombstone it will be the biggest upset that no one wants to see i mean taker could barly get through hbk’s and triple h’s matches he was carried out on a stretcher the first match then had shawns and hunters shoulders to help him out the next now taker is on his last legs everyone knows this i think if anyones best suited for taker’s wm streak its bryan sheamus or jericho (jericho is very big lately the fans love him) and if vince wants to go the nostalgic way he could try to get sting to return (stings also very big for tna hes still in shape for his age hes a legend and i think his contract is up soon) so saying lesnar is good for taker is just hoping for a sh#t dream that will never happen.

  9. Are people forgetting about Brock challenging the winner of the Cena vs Orton title match at the royal rumble? It doesn't make sense for Lesnar to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania if he's currently in the title hunt.

  10. I LOVE the idea of an Undertaker / Bryan match. To me, it is a much better storyline than Brock / Undertaker. Putting Brock in there feels forced to me, like they're just putting two big names together. I think most of the WWE Universe (ie. the kids) have no idea about their run in in the UFC and wouldn't care. Since the beginning, Bray Wyatt has been saying, "the devil made me do it". Everyone assumed that meant the Authority, or Vince. But who is the true devil of the WWE, the Undertaker of course. I can see Bryan double crossing the Wyatts and that causes them to call in the Undertaker to squash Bryan. Once again it's David vs. Goliath. That is more compelling to me than watching Lesnar or Ryback injure the Undertaker for 20 minutes with stiff moves.

    • Well i think your right about a storyline between Taker and Bryan. I think it would be epic at first but in the long run its going to be a mess. Bryan is tough as nails and he can take a beating and there is no doubt he will out up a fight with Taker, but it wont last long because i see Taker crushing Bryan like a bug. Taker has been in the ring with the meanest and toughest guys at Wrestlemania. D. Bryan is not going to do what guys like Shawn Michaels or Tripe H couldn't. Taker needs to be in there with guys his own size like Lesnar or Batista or maybe even Sheamus.. However in the long run i see Taker against Cena


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