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The Undertaker – The Streak WWE DVD Review

The Undertaker The Streak DVDIt’s no secret I’m not a big fan of the Undertaker. Sure, I was at one point, but it’s been about eight years or so since I really could call myself a fan. I’ve just grown really tired of the gimmick and the fact that he rarely, if ever, loses a match. I know a lot of people really enjoy his work and are still big fans, and that’s great. However, I just can’t say the same thing. I certainly have respect for the guy, and he’s earned the accolades over the years, but I honestly would be happy if I never saw him wrestle again at this point.

With that being said, when I heard about this DVD, I thought it might still be worth a shot. After all, it covers every WrestleMania match the guy has had his entire career, and he’s had some good ones. Plus, it featured a documentary part, and those are always fun. It’s cool hearing stories from a wrestler’s peers about them, as well as the personal opinion of the wrestler or wrestlers in question. WWE almost always delivers on sets like these, so I safely assumed they’d be able to deliver once again.

[adinserter block=”2″]Unfortunately, The Streak really missed the mark (no pun intended). Although this set is 9 hours long, only about an hour, if even that, is devoted to the documentary part. As for the documentary itself, it’s pretty much nothing but lip service. Guys like John Cena, The Big Show, Mark Henry, etc. all weigh in on their opinions on the Undertaker and his ‘Mania streak, with everyone of them just complimenting him left and right. It starts off pretty nice, with J.J. Dillon talking about Undertaker first entering the company, and Dillon saying he could really see something in the Undertaker way back then. We even get comments from Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, ‘Taker’s first victim in the Streak at ‘Mania VII, saying he was glad he was chosen to be the first guy to get what would become a legendary streak off the ground.

The only one who really criticizes anything in this piece if Ric Flair, and it’s criticism leveled at himself. In talking about his match with ‘Taker at X8, he mentions how while he was honored to face ‘Taker and was glad he had been chosen by ‘Taker personally that year, he felt his own efforts were passable at best, while ‘Taker was basically perfect. There’s certainly a little bit of truth there, as Flair was not the performer he once was by that point.

There are some nice pieces towards the end from Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who faced ‘Taker the last four years at the big event, but nothing that will shock or amaze you. Pretty standard fare from both men, much like the rest of the interviews on here.

And then there’s the man himself. Undertaker is, well…he’s completely absent from this set. I realize it’s not a full documentary of his career, and when that set comes out (which is inevitable), he will most likely sit down and talk extensively about “The Streak”. My guess is he was absent from the set in order to stay in character, and that really kind of sucks. These sets are supposed to be about breaking character and the wrestlers & performers being honest in sharing their stories, and we couldn’t even get a single comment from the guy this set is focused on? Sorry, but that’s kind of lame.

In addition to the documentary being mostly fluff, it’s extremely short. Going by the clock on my computer, it came in at just about 45 minutes. I realize that only one aspect of ‘Taker’s career is on display here, but that’s still cutting it down quite a bit. Each of the Superstar Collection DVDs clock in at double that time. Are you telling me they couldn’t find anything else to stretch the length out a bit more? On a 9-hour set? Come on.

Aside from the documentary, the set is exclusively all of ‘Taker’s matches from WrestleMania, in their entirety. Chances are, you’ve seen each and every one of these matches, likely more than once. If that’s the case, you pretty much know what to expect. At least WWE acknowledged that he had a match with Triple H at X7 this time around (which I personally find to be the best of their three outings). If you haven’t seen the matches, they’re hit or miss. His first few matches at the event pretty much sucked, and were relatively short. It really wasn’t until XII (vs. Diesel) that ‘Taker’s matches at the show finally started getting good. When they did start getting good, though, they were very good. In addition to Diesel (I know. A good Diesel match. Can you believe it?), his matches against Flair, Triple H parts 1 and 3, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge and both Shawn Michaels bouts (with 1 being better than 2, in my opinion) are all very, very good and nice to watch over again. The rest range from so-so to flat-out awful. And sorry, but his 2nd match with Triple H falls into this category. Watching it again, I still stand by my belief that it was an overbooked mess with far too many botches. I know many loved it, and to each their own, but I stand by my original opinion.

And that’s really it. There are no special features or bonus content of any kind. You get the short documentary and the 20 matches, which are hit-or-miss. For a guy who has been with the company for over 20 years and is a future Hall of Famer, it really doesn’t feel like WWE put that much effort into this set, and regardless of whether you love or hate the guy, it seems really unfair.

Chances are, you fall into one of two categories: either a die-hard Undertaker fan or someone whose feelings are kind of neutral. If you’re in the former category, you’ve likely already bought this set or plan to in the near future. If you’re in the latter category, you think it might be good, but aren’t sure about purchasing it. It’s not a horrible set by any means, but I think that you can use your money for wrestling DVDs much more wisely if you’re still on the fence. If you can get this set now at a discounted price, go for it. Otherwise, wait a while until it goes on sale. It’s far from a “must miss” set, but it’s also far from a “must see” set in my book.

Disc 1
the beginning

Dark Days

bad Ass

Deadman Returns

Championship Level

Streak vs Career

End of an Era

The Streak

Disc 2
[adinserter block=”1″]Wrestlemania VII 24th March,1991
Victim: jimmy superfly snuka

Wrestlemania VIII 5th April,1992
Victim: Jake The Snake Roberts

Wrestlemania IX 4th April,1993
Victim: giant Gonzalez

Wrestlemania XI 2nd April,1995
Victim: king kong bundy

Wrestlemania XII 31st March,1996
Victim: Diesel

Wrestlemania 13 23rd March,1997
No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
Victim: Sycho Sid

Wrestlemania XIV 29th March,1998
Brother vs Brother
Victim: Kane

Wrestlemania XV 28th march,1999
Hell in a Cell Match
Victim: Big Boss Man

Wrestlemania X-Seven 1st April,2001
Victim: Triple H

Disc 3
Wrestlemania X8 17th March,2002
No Disqualification Match
Victim: Nature Boy Ric Flair

Wrestlemania XIX 30th March,2003
Handicap Match
Victim: Big Show & A-Train

Wrestlemania XX 14th march,2004
Victim: Kane

Wrestlemania 21 3rd April,2005
Legend vs Legend Killer
Victim: Randy Orton

Wrestlemania 22 2nd April,2006
Casket match
Victim: Mark Henry

Wrestlemania 23 1st April,2007
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Victim: Batista

Wrestlemania XXIV 30th March,2008
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Victim: Edge

Disc 4
Wrestlemania 25 5th April,2009
Victim: Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania XXVI 28th March,2010
Streak vs Career
Victim: Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania XXVII 3rd April,2011
No Holds Barred Match
Victim: Triple H

Wrestlemania XXVIII 1st April,2012
End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match
Victim: Triple H

Blu-Ray Extras
Wrestlemania XXIV
Undertaker & Edge History Package

Wrestlemania 25
Undertaker & shawn Michaels History Package

Wrestlemania XXVI
Streak vs Career History package

Wrestlemania XXVII
Undertaker & Triple H History Package

Wrestlemania XXVIII
Undertaker & Triple H History Package

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