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The Undertaker vs. CM Punk WrestleMania 29 Match Matters

If you haven’t had a reason to be motivated to watch Wrestlemania this year, well im here to convince you on why you should in fact watch. CM Punk vs The Undertaker is why. Now I know many may be thinking “well, it isn’t like Undertaker is facing off against a Shawn Michaels or a Triple H this year, who are both legends”, but that’s what makes this match so unique and special.

[adinserter block=”1″]The last time Undertaker faced an ordinary opponent at WrestleMania who wasn’t an HBK or a HHH was Wrestlemania 24 in 2008. The story is much different this year, something new we haven’t seen from the Undertaker or the streak of his in a long time. He’s going up against an antagonizing Superstar who is not here to talk about how much he respects Undertaker or the streak, he’s going up against a superstar who is looking to end it and is not holding back on anything at all, without a remorse or care in the world. The story between CM Punk and Undertaker has been outstanding, it’s one of those old-school, classic, good guy vs bad guy feuds.

It’s simple, and right to the point. People want to pay to see CM Punk get his ass kicked, people want to see Undertaker get him some, which is what makes this upcoming match between both men much more interesting to watch out for, and it’s hard to predict what the style or quality of the match will be because of that reason. Taker is working a whole new and different style this year, he isn’t going to go out there and try to put on a wrestling match like he did with HBK where both men just went out there to perform for the fans, he isn’t out there to have a brawl with HHH only to see who the better man was between both of them until one of them was left standing alone in the ring. He’s looking to DESTROY CM Punk, make him pay for his sins.

This could arguably be Undertaker’s most heated opponent ever at WrestleMania, even more-so than Edge or Kane. And that’s why this Sunday at WrestleMania 29, the fans are in for a treat. CM Punk has even pointed out many times that if Taker gets himself disqualified, the streak is over, and I think there’s a reason as to why they’re pointing that out, it’s because they want that to be a factor during the match. How far is Taker willing to go? How much can he take?

What plans does CM Punk have for the Undertaker? All these questions have to come into mind, I believe the outcome of this match isn’t as obvious or as predictable as people think. WWE could pull the biggest shocker during the match that no one could see coming, they could tease us in a whole new different way during the match in which there’s a moment that they make us think the streak is ending, and it could be something new, creative, unlike the previous “1….2……..AND……” close pin-falls.

[adinserter block=”2″]Another man who can play a HUGE factor into this match is Paul Heyman himself, you gotta figure he’ll have something up his sleeve. So ladies and gentlemen, stay put and wait, you’re in for a special treat this Sunday and that’s why I believe this match will be the most significant at this year’s WrestleMania, it stands out from the rest. Thanks for the read and let me know what you guys think, is this match meaningful to you?

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