The Ultimate Warrior Responds To Vince McMahon On Twitter


[adinserter block=”1″]The love fest between the Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon continues on Twitter. The Warrior has posted a personal message to the WWE CEO which is about as incoherent as his promos from the 1980s.

I am loving this new love fest between The Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon if not for just one reason and one reason alone. I can’t wait to see the shoe drop a year from now when the relationship falls apart and the Warrior goes on the attack. In the meantime it is all milk toast and lollipops for the former bitter enemies.

Vince was the first to extend the olive branch last week after it was announced that the Warrior would be a big part of WWE 2K14. In addition to being in the game, the Warrior will be a part of the game promotion. Vince took that opportunity to welcome back his former champion on Twitter.

I want to personally welcome Ultimate Warrior back to @WWE” – @VinceMcMahon

Warrior initially responded to the kind words with kind words of his own regarding his former boss in a video on Warrior praises Vince in the video and says he has a lot of respect for him. Warrior went even further and posted a new rambling on Twitter.

@VinceMcMahon Vince, thank you for your personal welcome back to the WWE Universe. It is noted and appreciated. All the Warriors of Parts Unknown take pride in being one of the original galaxies of the Universe you created. Not one of my days has passed without a flashback to my time in the business and my relationship with you. After 17 years of battling one another, perhaps the stars have finally aligned and Destiny is prepared to tell one of Sports Entertainment’s greatest stories: how two of the industry’s most determined, colorful, intense and explosive personalities brought to life a persona that made such an inspiring impression that it still captures the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, even all these years later. I am proud Ultimate Warrior is an iconic, immortal spirit in the Universe you created. I know, Vince McMahon, you are proud, too. The inhabitants of your WWE Universe believe your personal welcome is an invitation of sorts. If so, consider this my RSVP with one condition. Wisdom takes a seat at the table with us when we meet, but we each also leave unburied a slight edge of the hatchet we’ve carried over the years. that other gutless and heartless God-fearing men urge us to lay to rest forever. Face it, neither one of us were ever any good at being bored or boring others. So coming prepared to kill one another makes for a interesting backup plan. Always Believe, Warrior” – @UltimateWarrior

Always believe Vince…always believe.

[adinserter block=”2″]Call me crazy but it almost appears as if the Warrior is slightly trying to work an angle here for a match with Mr. McMahon. By the looks of his recent videos the Warrior looks like he is in fantastic shape so you really have to wonder if this all plays out with a match in New Orleans. Regardless I would be shocked at this point not to see Warrior play some part in WrestleMania 30 whether it is the Hall of Fame or the ring.

There is a lot of water being put under the bridge here. I’d be really surprised not to see the dam break at some point.

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  1. I think it would have more to do with a possible DVD package and a HOF slot than a match. Sure, the Warrior looks in shape, but Vince just can't. No one wants that.


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