The Ultimate Warrior Is A Pathetic Man

The Ultimate Warrior has recently launched a barrage of attacks on Hulk Hogan through the world of social media. Either the Warrior is working an angle with the Hulkster or he is one of the most pathetic human beings on the planet. Which do you think? Yeah, me too.

This whole firestorm started right around the time that Randy Savage passed away. Warrior and Savage were friends and great opponents back in their WWE days. The Warrior came out of hiding (winter is over) and cut two very emotional tributes to the Macho Man on You Tube and launched a Twitter account. Then for whatever reason, the Warrior became literally obsessed with Hulk Hogan.

The Warrior started baiting Hogan with tweets on his Twitter account. Hogan immediately blocked the Warrior from sending him tweets on Twitter. The Warrior then took to You Tube and began cutting promos on Hogan. The promos were beyond bizarre. Here you had this gray-haired old man on You Tube ranting and raving like he was cutting a pro wrestling promo on Hogan. Hogan continued to ignore him. Then the Warrior went for the jugular with accusations that would probably make even Harvey Levin blush.

The Warrior’s newest video rant features a barrage of accusations towards his former WWE and WCW rival. The Warrior accused Hogan of trying to swap his wife with other wrestlers and being a big dope head. True or not, the shots were below the belt and a real desperate cry for Hulk Hogan’s attention. Well he finally got it. reports that Hogan will seek legal advice and attempt to take action for these accusations.

This is where things could get dicey for the Hulkster. As for the wife swapping accusation, I have never heard that about Hogan. However, it is something that his best friend Eric Bischoff has been accused of numerous times by peers in the industry. Look, just because someone’s best friend is gay doesn’t necessarily mean they are a homosexual. Yet who knows whether they are true or not. Not too mention, Hogan has enough people that don’t like him in the business that all it takes is one or two of them to say, “Yeah, he propositioned my wife and I” to throw this one out of court.

The Hulkster is also going to have a hard time going to court and fending off any accusations of drug abuse. Hogan is an admitted steroid user, but the Warrior is referencing cocaine in his shoot video. Sorry little Hulkamaniacs, but there are several of Hogan’s former peers that have gone on record claiming that Hogan used cocaine. A 1992 People magazine article entitled, Incredible Hulk? He Denies It, but Colleagues Say Hogan’s Bulk Was Built on a Steroid Foundation contains allegations of drug abuse by several of Hogan’s former WWE teammates.

So, if you are holding out for a Hogan vs. Warrior rematch in court you will probably be waiting a long time. I can’t imagine Hogan filing any kind of lawsuit over those allegations. Could you imagine the list of witnesses trolling into court to testify against Hogan? It would make for some of fascinating courtroom drama, that’s for sure. I just don’t see Hogan opening up that potential can of worms at this stage in his life.

Nonetheless, this story has been going on for over a week and quite honestly, I have ignored it up until now. But after the latest turn of events, it is really time for someone to send a psychiatrist to the Ultimate Warrior’s home. I have no idea what his agenda is and why he suddenly became obsessed with Hogan but what he is doing it tantamount to stalking. Imagine if it were a fan cutting these promos on Hogan. We would probably all say he was creepy and sympathize with the WWE Hall of Famer. However, since it is another wrestler, some fans find it fun to watch two wrestlers going at it in the social media. Not to me. I don’t find anything fun or even entertaining about it. If anything, it’s just flat out pathetic.

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The Ultimate Warrior really needs to get a life. I don’t know what his angle is. Is he trying to get a match with Hogan in TNA? Is he trying to get the attention of the WWE? Is he angling to get into the WWE Hall of Fame next year? Is he just bored? I don’t know what it is, but whether you like Hogan or not, you have to feel some empathy for the guy here. What did he ever do with the Warrior besides put him over to deserve having his name and family dragged through the mud? I can’t think of anything.

The only things missing from the Ultimate Warrior’s videos are a rifle, a camouflage outfit, a collage of Hogan pictures, and a ski mask. Yeah, these videos are on that level of the weirdo scale. He even tweeted something about the better man winning at WrestleMania 6 which makes me think this is all or an angle or he is one of the most delusional pro wrestlers on the planet.

This is also the same guy that walked into a lecture and started ranting about homosexuals on a college campus, in a video that became a viral sensation. This is the same guy who got mad at my buddy Mike Johnson for asking him questions about his career during a shoot interview…about his career! This is the same guy who has been bashed to me numerous times by many of his ex peers in RF Video Shoot Interviews.

He claims that he is going to release a 55-minute You Tube video exposing Hulk Hogan. So what? Can he get attention any other way besides talking about Hogan and his family? I give Hogan credit for taking the high road because there is a ton of dirt out there he could throw at the Warrior. The Warrior’s ex-wife was shopping a book about him that claimed he was gay among other things. There was an article in the 80s that alleged he was a former male escort, although that has never been proven. Then again he would probably enjoy a rebuttal by Hogan since he could retort and stay in the news.

Let me say this, if this promo is part of an angle than well, it’s actually pretty good.

If not, Jim Hellwig needs to get a life and go back into his dungeon of irrelevance. I didn’t have a whole lot of respect for him before this, and now I have zero.

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