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The Ultimate Warrior Headlining WWE 2014 Hall Of Fame Class

He’s back! The Ultimate Warrior is officially back in the WWE family. The Warrior will be heading into the WWE Hall of Fame the day before WrestleMania 30. Now the fun will be seeing how this new relationship lasts before it explodes.

[adinserter block=”1″]“The Ultimate Warrior was the most intense, colorful, competitive and outspoken Superstar in sports entertainment history, and his contributions to WWE were extraordinary,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “We are thrilled to induct The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

The Warrior heading into the WWE Hall of Fame isn’t necessarily a shocker. The news had been reported for several weeks by a few different pro wrestling news websites. What the shocker here is who will be inducting him. New reports are pointing to a WrestleMania VI reunion which would see Hulk Hogan putting over his old nemesis once again.

The idea of Hogan inducting Warrior is bizarre to say the least. The two ripped each other daily back in 2011 with Warrior saying some pretty vicious things about the Hogan family. Some of the fun included Warrior accusing Hogan of wife swapping among other things. The rants got so intense that Hogan threatened a lawsuit which at that point stopped the Warrior rants.

I don’t see this happening although it could. At the end of the day Hogan is an old school guy and everything is a work to him. I could see his logic being that this is all a work anyway so why not fake it for the payoff. Another candidate to the induction would be Batista. Batista has always said the spot where he shakes the ropes is a tribute to the Warrior. If Hogan honoring Warrior falls through I could see Batista being a fitting backup.

The disappointment here is that with Warrior going in it means that fans will have to wait another year for Randy Savage. It could be another year after that if The Undertaker retires at Mania 30 and goes in next year. Most were hoping to see Savage inducted this year, especially after his brother said the family would have no problem with it (but wouldn’t be there to support it). Warrior goes over Savage again.

I don’t have a problem with the Warrior going in yet I just don’t understand the excitement. He had a very brief run as world champion. He had a very brief run on top and never came close to achieving that success whenever he would return to the WWE. He is certainly a Hall of Famer although I think the hype is a little absurd.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jake Roberts is another name rumored for the Hall of Fame. He is virtually a lock for the spot now that he has cleaned himself up and had a successful return last week on RAW. Paul Bearer is another name rumored to be heading into the Hall with Kane or maybe even The Undertaker inducting him. The WWE are reportedly looking for a tag team. Maybe this is the year for the Rock and Roll Express?

Announcing the Warrior is easy. Getting him to actually show up may be a whole lot more difficult.

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  1. The headliner of this HOF will be Undertaker and Kane who will induct William Moody as all 3 will leave the wrestling scene.

    There has to be a bigger act than the Warrior even though I am a massive fan of him as an individual.

  2. Aren't most of the wrestlers we grew up thinking were great just bought into because of hype and good promotion? Hogan and Batista being mentioned in this article are two names, big guys, big muscles, 4 moves and a paper bag between them. The talent, wrestling wise, doesn't make it into the WWE Hall of Fame, and it's not a HOF that was made by or for the fans, but to sell product, DVD's, etc when it's convenient. Warrior is bringing in news, Snake in bringing in news, Macho, not so much. So, induct, sell products, see you 2015. Not a perfect system, and not the best HOF, but it's the HOF we got, and Warrior goes in whether we like it or not.


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