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The Ultimate Warrior Announced As WWE 2k14 Pre-Order Game Bonus DLC

[adinserter block=”1″]The Ultimate Warrior is coming back to the WWE…videogames that is. The former WWE champion is back in the WWE Universe as part of the WWE 2k14 videogame. Trailers are already hitting YouTube and the Warrior is as incoherent as ever.

The big announcement was made Monday as part of the hype surrounding the WWE 2K14 video game release. Warrior will be a special pre-order bonus for those of you that order the game early. This is certainly not Warrior’s first time in a recent game as the man from Parts Unknown was just in WWE All-Stars only a few years ago.

The difference according to reports is that Warrior will be involved in promotion for the game, similar to Randy “Macho Man” Savage a couple of years back before he passed away. Warrior, like Savage’s deal, isn’t with the WWE necessarily but it is with the game company. This is certainly not any reason to think that the Warrior is all of the sudden back in the WWE.

Many speculate that this does open up communication between the Warrior and the WWE. There have been rumors the last few years about the WWE wanting to induct the Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame. Warrior claims he has turned down the deal several times. The relationship between both parties has been hot and cold for years, including many lawsuits between both parties. It would appear that at least tensions have settled down for the time being.

I do like how the WWE tries to bring back an old character with every video game release. I just wonder who is next as it seems like they have exhausted most of their possibilities. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Hulk Hogan in a game next year or the year after. Bill Goldberg is another guy that comes to mind as does Sting, not that Sting has ever been in a WWE game.

The Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino back on WWE television in the same year and we are only halfway through. There is still plenty of time for Stone Cold Steve Austin to drive a beer truck back home!

[adinserter block=”2″]Check out the trailer below. It’s actually pretty good and while I am not a big fan of WWE video games it certainly does a great job in hyping up the release.

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