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The Ugly Truth About John Cena

I know you don’t like him, as a matter of a fact I know you despise him. He is public enemy #2 behind Triple H to his millions of IWC haters. They all want him either gone or to turn heel but the ugly truth is that he is more important to the WWE than you thought.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is easy to sit on the Internet and play arm chair booker. We all do it. One of the most popular topics of discussion among boards and social media is John Cena turning heel. Everyone thinks it is such a great idea and angry that the WWE won’t pull the trigger. Unfortunately the last two months have done nothing to help your case.

Plenty of you also rail against the idea of your heroes CM Punk and Daniel Bryan taking a backseat to Cena. You all think that Punk and/or Bryan should be the top guy and that the WWE are just plain stupid for putting Cena ahead of them. You all hate the fact that Cena is on top and even after a two month absence are sick of Cena. Again, the last two months should be a reality check for most of you.

I feel like I have to write this every time I blog anything positive on Cena so I’ll say it again. I am not a John Cena fan (even though I am accused of such). I don’t find him interesting, his matches are better than people give him credit for yet are still not up to my tastes, and his promos can range from okay to being absolutely obnoxious. That said I will give him his due and tell you that without John Cena that the pro wrestling industry would be royally screwed and that…is the ugly truth.

Most experts will agree that everything in the business revolves around the WWE. If the WWE is up, the business is up, if the WWE is down, the business is down. That’s just how it goes. Cena has been gone two months and the WWE made a major shift in gears during his absence. They promoted Daniel Bryan to his spot, kept CM Punk in the two-slot, bumped up Randy Orton to the top heel spot, and brought back a McMahon family angle. On paper I would bet most Cena haters would have seen these plans a few months ago and predicted that the WWE would do big business and the product would be more entertaining.

You would have been wrong!

I don’t know what it is about Cena and half of the time I turn the dial when he is on but he is greatly missed on the WWE programs. As big of a Daniel Bryan as I am, I will admit that the product is lacking a punch since Cena hit the sidelines. There is just something missing. His energy good and bad is an intangible that just can’t be replaced.

Business speaks for itself. The ratings have been okay to terrible. With the exception of the day after pay-per-view RAW shows, RAW ratings have generally been disappointing. Buyrates are expected to be bad to terrible and the interest overall in the WWE product is probably lower than it has been in quite some time. As I tell TNA fans who like to argue with me about the state of their favorite pro wrestling company, the numbers don’t lie. John Cena or should I say his presence is greatly missed.

[adinserter block=”2″]I know you want to see Daniel Bryan in the main-event as WWE champion. I know you want CM Punk to headline WrestleMania and close the monthly pay-per-view shows. I get it but the facts are the facts and those guys (nor anyone else) on the roster can draw anywhere close to Cena. The sad reality for all of you Cena haters is that you got what you wanted which was a Cena-less WWE and the worst thing happened to all of you.

You were proven wrong. Imagine the state of the WWE come WrestleMania 30 if Cena was gone. It wouldn’t be pretty and if their business is down, imagine where the other companies would be. The industry needs John Cena and quite frankly (and it pains me to say it) so do we.

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  1. Turn cena into an unbeatable arrogant heel.The ultimate villain.For face's winning should not come easily.Only after a 1 hour match he can be defeated.

  2. Hey you sum it up best Cena isn't just good for business. He is the business. As Flair said to be the man you got to beat the man. No one beats Cena's ratings. Don't like it ? Get use to it, it the best thing going today.

    Yea I'm a Cena fan.

  3. Cena is by far the worse wrestler ever to show up! I didn't like cm punk, he's starting to grow on me, I didn't like a few others but they start to grow on you…cena will never grow on me, ever. Even turning heel won't save him. I'd rather do the McMahon family skit the rest of my life than believe cena leads the business. This new generation is not come close to how great the attitude era was and the wrestlers are not up to par. Daniel Brian, ryback, the wyatts, dolph ziggler, these guys are up to par, and what john cena does behind the scenes are commendable, but he is frankly, not up to par and needs a new job.

  4. As much as I dislike Cena he is now and always will be good for business. He probably has done more promotional work for them than anyone else in the business. He handles the make a wish foundation and grants a lot of wishes for these children that they would not see if not for him. He brings in the money with his promo items. He draws large crowds to the matches, although I have no idea why he really isn't all that good or is all that charismatic but he does in the long run…kids like him and since the WWE went PG that is a very large portion of it's audience now and where they are so is the money…..and we all know that money talks and BS walks.

  5. Heres my problem with the WWE. I dont like punk as far as wrestling, anyway. He can talk butpunk vs lesner? Really? Bryan is worse by far in both categories. What they need is Randy Orton to go back to faster tempo of wrestling, no more dropping people from the 2nd rope. And he needs to be vicious, instead of the crybaby heel. The attitude era may never be repeated, especially in this disney era, but you think WWE would at least take a few lessons from it. Like new wrestlers and new storylines might be the shakeup you need. And maybe a little more action and a little less action might work for some wrestlers. Worked for Brock… Id certainly stay tuned in a little longer if they focused less on love angles and more on holy s***t moments. Take their show and their audience more seriously. Stop telling me whats tweeting every 5 seconds, its already scrolling across the screen. And can Micheal Cole just leave the announce table already? Finally while I respect all that Triple H has done and is doing I think its safe to say that everyone is tired of the corporate love storyline. Get in that ring and be really vicous! I paid 100 dollars a few weeks weeks ago to watch three tag team fights, followed, and preceded by a lot of talking. And not one encounter was trash talking, nor was it followed by fighting. Rock and Cena worked so well because as far as we know Cena really doesnt the Rock. Same was true with the rock and HHH and the rock and stone cold. Or matt and edge (on second thought i know matt didnt like edge.) Make me believe it COULD be real even if i know it isnt. Give me a reason to cheer, give me a little hardcore. Give me fresh even if its terrible like the corporate ministry. Ok bad example… Sorry to say but this isnt world wide speech off. Give me good wrestling. And i dont even think John Cena should go completly dark of the moon on us, because thats expected. It wouldnt hurt if he asked stephanie if the drapes on her window matched the color of her carpet again though. Let him have fun rock and stone cold style. Not good or bad, just free to talk trash and cause chaos, because this program needs some chaos.

  6. Agree with some points in this statement I was one of the guys wanting a

    Heel turn for him but when he was out injured to his return, call me awkward but those where some of the best raw’s I’ve seen in a while no cena I respect what the guy does day in and out but there’s guys in there who do the same and get no recognition of i

  7. Say what u will about Daniel Bryan, but don’t u ever bad-mouth a Hardy or The King of Kings u filthy swine. They were, are and will forever be Pro Wrestling Gods!

  8. This article is nothing more than a bunch of bull. Wrestling will go on with or without John Cena. They said that wrestling would suffer when Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan retired from the ring. News Flash. Wrestling is still going strong.

  9. Hardcore fans of any genre are going to despise the main attraction because it takes more to wet our appetite than it does the casual viewer. Cena appeals to the casual fan because there is not much to think about when it comes to his character and as a result, the less is more mentality will always rule the day. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan's characters require more food for though and as a result, casual fans likes them but they don't love them and that is the reverse for the IWC.

  10. I understand what you are saying Eric and I cant disagree with the numbers. But the point about not building new top stars that will need to sustain the WWE when Cena leaves for good or is actually seriously injured and needs to take of like 6 – 12 months is really the biggest problem. And that is all WWE's fault._I understand the short term reason for not turning Cena. But I believe it has hurt them in the long run. I think Ryback is a good example. His worker skills aside, at one point the crowds were not chanting Goldberg but Feed Me More. Everyone was doing it young and old. But instead of building on it, WWE turned him heel and of course the big turn was against Cena. If Cena was a heel or not around I think a Face Ryback might have had a chance to grow and possibly become a top star. I feel Ryback is like Batista somewhat. Good look, okay worker. Batista had HHH to make him into a star. Ryback would have needed a heel Cena or a top star to do that. _

    • Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by. I agree 100%. Any regular blog readers could go back and look and look at my numerous blogs criticizing the WWE creative team. That is where it lies but the unfortunate reality is that until that changes, we're stuck with Cena.

      • I've read several posts on WWE dropping the ball or pulling the plug too soon. Some examples include Ryback, Ziggler, Summer of Punk, Nexus, Schizophrenic R-Truth, Turning Miz face etc.

        I think it also has to do with Cena being possibly one of the most loyal wrestlers WWE has. WWE gave thr spotlight to many stars prior to Cena: Batista, Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar, Mr Kennedy, Kofi Kingston (Thanks a lot Randy) and all either failed to deliver, got screwed backstage or left WWE during their peak.
        In the end, Cena stayed in the WWE for over a decade and WWE gave him all the time at the top he needed, at the expense of building other top stars.

        Sometimes I wonder if Cena's time at the top had gone on for too long? So long that it's too late for WWE to try and build a new star up to Cena's level. Either that or they have no idea how to properly build up a new star. Case and point, Ryback.

    • The point is they have tried and it hasn’t worked out, just look at the “beloved” loser Daniel Bryan. The put him #1 and business tanked; if not for the Authority storyline things would have just completely blown!

  11. I love this article due to the stupidity of it. Both Punk and Bryan where drawing well until HHH and "creative" decided it was best to screw them over for a while and the fans revolted (im not saying cena isn't the biggest draw, he is, but to say it wouldn't work without him is Ludacris) Both Bryan and Punk (along with Ziggler) are very over, and could draw well and in time be on par with Cena if given the chance and the proper build. WWE is going to need to take a hit for a while for the long term good of the company. Because there is going to be a time when Cena is gone for good, and they'll be up shit creek without a paddle.

  12. you do know that the WWE was having good ratings the first three weeks without Cena right? The writers decided to take the title off of Bryan and then it went downhill. For you to call Bryan not the right babyface to maximize this angle is a slap in the face. He has millions of fans as well as Cena. People were outraged when Bryan got his title stripped, and people didn't buy the ppvs because they feared it would happen again. The writers are the ones that messed up, not Bryan. Its disrespectful for you to think it's Bryan's fault. The WWE didn't build up stars when Cena was here, that's why they rely on him so darn much, that's their fault as well.

    • Disrespectful to Daniel Bryan? It's a fact. I am not saying anything other than what is a fact. I am not sure where you got your ratings but you are wrong. I said the day after PPVs were strong, always have been. But you're wrong. Ratings were not up the first three weeks without Cena and that's a fact.

  13. Maybe part of the issue with the angle is that there isn't anything else to follow. Is it possible the fans will actually back Cena in a World Title roll? He could bring some attention and some value back to that title before Sandow gets it.

  14. I'm glad that someone else said it too, although I still think that there is huge money tunring Cena heel. Cena heel keeps Bryan, Punk and Cena at the top. I know they won't do it, I just think it would pay off. Not becuase fans are tired of him, but because I think that it would actually be a good story. I won't rewirte my blog from last month, but yea. Oh, for the record I am a Cena fan, but that is not why I am glad to see him back. I want my WWE product to be watchable and intersting again.

    • A RIDICULOUS amount of money if he turns heel. The rapper gimmick will not work though. He needs more of a Brock Lesnar approach. And his promos will soar because he's very articulate. I like the idea and it'll do some good for a babyface switch as well. Liking it….

    • I can't stand WWE but I like Cena. Daniel Bryan is a poor excuse of a wrestler. Getting the crowd to yell yes is nothing. That is why I don't watch WWE. Daniel Bryan sucks, Jeff Hardy sucked then and now and so did Triple H. BORING FELLOWS!


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