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The Truth Is Entertaining Me – Inside the Wheelhouse

R Truth is entertaining WWE audiencesIf you have been watching the WWE the last couple of weeks then you will be joining me in saying that R-Truth may just be the best complete wrestler currently on the WWE roster.

It sometimes takes a heel turn for a babyface to make them such a better, more complete and entertaining wrestler. That’s exactly what we are getting currently with R-Truth on WWE television.

[adinserter block=”2″]Former WWE Champion Chris Jericho recently tweeted that R-Truth was “the next big thing” in the WWE. I couldn’t have agreed more with the former World Champion as R-Truth has been delivering week after week, whether it is a promo or a match. He has quite frankly gone from a mid-carder to a Main Eventer to a Future World Champion in just a span of weeks. Simply put, R-Truth is the complete package.

But before I jump up and down with excitement let’s be honest. In today’s WWE product, the creative team really doesn’t listen to the fans like the used to. In the same amount of weeks R-Truth has established himself as a main eventer he very well could be sent down in the same amount of weeks. Remember all those Wade Barrett and Sheamus pushes/world title runs? They looked to be the flag barriers for another generation of the WWE and were quickly sent down the food chain in a snap of the fingers.

For the time being I feel like R-Truth is different then those wrestlers in the fact that he is an established veteran. He served time at Memphis wrestling, had a run early in his career with the WWE (remember K-Kwik?), went to TNA and re-established his career. He became a NWA World Heavyweight Champion and established hip hop versions of the Fabulous Freebirds in the 3 Live Kru. It’s pretty easy to see that R-Truth has paid his dues and deserves the recent success he has seen in recent weeks.

R-Truth reminds me a lot of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s career path when you look at how they came up. It took both wrestlers a decent amount of years on the road, horrible gimmicks and bad pushes to make them where they were when their star was climbing in the WWE. While it’s way too early to compare Truth’s career path with Steve Austin’s, it does have some resemblance to one another here in the early stages.

The best part about R-Truth thus far is that he has won over the fans despite being a heel because his character is so entertaining. It’s edgy for today’s standards and different from what we normally see from a heel. He is setting himself away from the pack and making it very hard for the WWE to keep going with the Del Rio vs. Cena Summer plans the WWE may currently have.

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Truth is bringing something fresh and new to the top of the WWE ladder right now. Something fans want more and more of in today’s current wrestling climate. It may have come by accident or looked at originally as a “blow over feud” to get to Del Rio but Truth is really picking his game up week after week on WWE television. I’d be shocked if Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with his work the last couple of months.

[adinserter block=”1″]R-Truth has been and is a very entertaining wrestler. He bring something new and fresh to our televisions every Monday night which is something fans want to see more of in today’s product. Whether the WWE creative team likes it or not, they have a star on their hands that may be able to carry the company as a believable heel the next couple of years. Chris Jericho was right when he coined R-Truth as the “next big thing in the WWE.” The Truth has set us all free and the truth is Ron Killings is & has “it” to be a future WWE Champion.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with your stance, Jeff. R Truth has unleashed an unholy combination of showmanship and athleticism on the program. He packs the one liner and facial expressions akin to The Rock, yet harbors vitriol and unpredictability like Stone Cold. His move set is a little par for the course, but I think I'll join the party and say that Truth is one of the very few reasons I continue tuning in Monday nights.

    I mean, how long is it going to take you to forget a line like "Use'ta was a rooster from Brewster!"? Or him blasting off on Rey with "fencejumper" smack? Or possibly intentionally getting his cities mixed up, as foreshadowing to his mean spirited ways?

    After he jobs to Cena at CP, I'd really like to see Truth enter a second tier program with someone as equally as entertaining on the mic, The Miz. Or he could set his focus on Kofi and his belt..the WWE really couldn't go wrong with either, and eventually build Truth back up at the end of 2011.

    • I'll say it, Truth is possibly the most basic wrestler in the WWE. He has nothing new to bring to the table in terms of athleticism or technical ability. Is he a IWA-MS fat piece of garbage who only knows the moves "light fixture" and "bad pedigree"? Absolutely not. But he's certainly not a Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston. What he does have though, is a metric crap-ton of pure heel charisma. I don't know why he had none as a face, but as a heel he suddenly draws my attention like no one else on the roster, aside from the few I mark out for (Bryan, Christian). Out of the blue, we have a new Miz (who I see being the top face of the company some day, I was hoping Riley would take his place as the top heel somehow but that situation has changed).


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