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The Truth Behind National Pro Wrestling Day and CZW

I have been asked to remove this article from the website by the author, Derek Sabato. I apologize for anyone who may have visited the page hoping to see the article.



  1. sabato is damn near obsessed with czw, like chikara is some perfect wrestling company. i honestly think that no matter who owned czw we would still see biased, vendetta fueled articles like this.
    I'm a czw guy and i don't give a damn who owns it or what the quality of their character is, all i care about is what happens in the ring.
    this article makes chikara and the organizers look like a bunch of whiners.

  2. I can say I am a fan of both Chikara and CZW and well Sabato has something agenst CZW why no idea but CZW fans are alot more than what people think we at times are what people want we are ECW reincarnated

    (P.S. I grew up with and in ECW being my two uncles were trained by Teddy Petty)

  3. There are two sides to every story? Sabato seem's so desperate in this article. I love Chikara, but Sabato made me want to forget about both of these companies. He should just keep his mouth shut and let business be business.

  4. I know of CZW but I won’t claim to be very familer with their product and to be honest I have not really been involved with what I would call the rebirth of Indy Wrestling over the last few years. Chikara is the only fed that really ever held my attention but never went to any live events. When NPW day was announced I figured this was my chance to get a taste of what has come to be out there and it worked cause I’m hooked again. I can honestly say that all of the things that happened leading up to the day did not endear me to a large cross section of CZW’s fan base or CZW for that matter but I can’t pass judgment on everyone because of that. What I can say is this having been present for both cards there were two matchs that absolutly did not impress me. That I would not place high on the list of promotions to follow up on and one of those was CZW and that is a statment based on what I saw not allowing preconceived notions get in the way. I will be the first to say that during that match CZW fans seemed to be very well behaved from what I could hear and took the request for no foul language and followed through with it so I have nothing ill to say towards their fans that repped themselves at NPW I hung out with and talked to many of them through out the day and pretty much everybody was cool, I even spoke with one of the participants of the bout early on and he seemed to be a very cool guy, but what I can say is based on what I saw as far as a match and the things leading up to it I really don’t have much interest in checking out the fed as a whole just not for me and I think that to Derek’s point it is as a business they did not seem to make any attempt to gain new fans (aka customers) to help keep your business going. The gimmack is the gimmack and that is great but if you can’t recycle your audience you will not last very long.

  5. I'm hopeful that in a bad economy, and a fanbase generally made up with people who don't have the most disposable income, that NPWD makes these companies a lot of money in the end and builds their fanbase. The buzz on Twitter was great, as it trended in the US for a good portion of the event. General reaction seemed to be positive. Lots of people said they would check out a new group, or a wrestler who impressed them.

    Too bad CZW didn't understand that this was a good thing. Petty crap in pro wrestling should stop; as a fan I really don't have the right to make that assertion, though. Stuff goes on that fans aren't going to be made aware of, and it's understandable why. Guerilla marketing really doesn't work in pro wrestling anymore, because people will dismiss something SHOCKING as a part of the work.


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