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The Trendsetters: Here Are TIME’s 10 Next Generation Leaders 2022

TIME says these rising stars will shape the coming future.

It all started in 2014 when TIME started a collaboration with Rolex to launch the series of Next Generation Leaders featuring a list of people every year who are working to build a better world in their respective fields all over the world.

The list features all kinds of people in all kinds of genres irrespective of their nationality or ethnicity. Our topic of conversation this year is the latest list of this series for the year 2020 which features the 10 Next Generation Leaders.

TIME’s Next Generation Leaders 2022

Following are the 10 people that are our topic of discussion today:

1. Olga Rudenko, Ukraine

Olga is a Ukrainian journalist and is currently the editor-in-chief of the Kyiv Independent. Her work has been published in multiple prominent media outlets all over the world. In TIME magazine, Olga talks about news reporting and its changing styles after Russia invaded Ukraine and she has been appreciated for defending the essence of journalism.

2. Maximilian Davis, United Kingdom

Davis is a designer from the UK who is influencing the fashion industry all over the world. Graduating from the London College of Fashion, Davis is popularly known for his fashion sense featuring his Trinidian-Jamaican origins as he designs from a hybrid-cultural point of view and his designs carry sharp, elegant, and bright colors.

3. Aespa, South Korea

Aespa is a girl group from South Korea consisting of four members: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. The group is prominently known for its brand new approach in the music industry where they combine the real and virtual world through their virtual counterparts in the metaverse. The group aims to normalize the concept of the Metaverse through their music.

4. Jonathan Bailey, United Kingdom

Best known for his appearance in Netflix’s most-watched Bridgerton, Jonathan is an English actor with multiple awards to his name. He is featured in the magazine for redefining the standards of Hollywood especially through his performance in “Cock!” where he plays the role of a gay man who ends up falling in love with a woman and initiating a love triangle.

5. Deepica Mutyala, United States

Mutyala first went viral on YouTube in 2015 when she covered her dark circles with red lipstick and the video received millions of views. After highlighting that almost every beauty product out there is not made by keeping people of color in mind, she launched Live Tinted where she developed the Huestick, an all-in-one lipstick, eye shadow, color corrector, and blush.

6. CKay, Nigeria

Chukwuka Ekweani is a singer and songwriter from Nigeria and got into stardom for his highly popular song “Love Nwantiti” in 2019 which topped the charts for a very long time. CKay is featured as the Next Generation Leader for his endeavor of influencing the whole world with his fusion of Afrobeats with pop, electronic, and classical music genres.

7. Jaz Brisack, United States

Jaz is a labor organizer from America and she is featured in the magazine for his central role in the unionizing of employees at Starbucks precisely in Buffalo, New York. Jaz helped her fellow colleagues achieve the first-ever unionization at Starbucks.

8. Bilal Baig, Canada

Bilal is an actor and writer from Canada prominently known for their attempt at normalizing gender transition all over the world. Their highly popular play “Accha Baccha” features Bilal as a non-binary Canadian-Pakistani person who struggles with gender reconciliation being brought up as a Muslim.

9. Rinzin Phunjok Lama, Nepal

Rinzin is a wildlife conservationist who is prominently known for his scheme involving the local people from the Himalayas getting enlisted as frontline conservators of wildlife. Rinzin’s mission is to protect the wildlife at the high altitudes of Nepal including the fabled Snow Leopard, Himalayan wolf, wild yak, and many more.

10. Bolor-Erdene Battasengel, Mongolia

Bolor is the chairwoman of the Mongolia Government’s Communication and Information Technology. She also happens to be the youngest to hold this position. She is featured in the magazine for her revolutionary “E-Mongolia” platform aimed to digitize a majority of government services for the ease of the public. She also started Girls for Codin programs to teach coding to young girls from rural areas.

These were the 10 Leaders handpicked by TIME magazine who are working to build a better tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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