The Ten Most Unlikable UFC Fighters

Not every UFC fighter is interested in respecting their opponents or accepting humility in defeat. For some, public relations have never been their strong suit and for others, they revel in playing the villain. Here are ten UFC fighters that are hated by many and have become accustomed to hearing the boos from frenzied UFC fans.

As a big UFC fan I thought it would be fun to channel my pro wrestling inhibitions and take a look at the biggest villains or heels in the UFC. Some of them didn’t ask for it, yet others welcome the fan backlash from the MMA community. Like them or not, they certainly make watching the UFC a lot more fun.

It is real easy to win fans in the UFC. All fighters have to do is have exciting fans, press the action, and show humility in victory and defeat. Yet the ten guys you see on the list here don’t get it. Some are disliked by design to sell fights, while others are just clueless to the entertainment facet of the MMA business.

So with that said let’s take a look at the top ten Unlikable UFC fighters…not that I’d say any of this to their faces of course.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chael Sonnen – In about one year he has gone from being a hero to legions of MMA fans to becoming quite possibly the biggest douchebag in all of sports. Sonnen is a trash talker and it was that bravado which won him the support of millions of fans going into the Anderson Silva fight. Ironically that same trash talk is what has turned Sonnen into a pathetic and highly unlikable man. Even after being popped for high levels of testosterone in the Anderson Silva fight and oh yeah, losing, he still brags as if he actually won the fight. In addition to his dellusional rants, his obsessive insults of Brazilian fighters border on downright racism. If he talked about African American fighters the way he talks about Brazilian fighters, he’d be fired or stifled. Compound that with Sonnen’s involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme that resulted in a felony conviction and you have a guy that just really needs to go away…far away.

It is ironic though that for a guy that likes to call a lot of people out, he sure seems like a coward for not challenging the CSAC to get his license back. Oh yeah, he is still without a fight license in California.

Michael Bisping – Speaking of guys that talk a lot of trash, welcome to the list Michael Bisping. Bisping talks as if he has won numerous championships and is unbeatable when in fact, he has won none. Bisping’s 11 wins the UFC is also very misleading as a handful of those wins came down to very questionable decisions, of course questionable to everyone but The Count. Even more annoying about Bisping is that for as much trash as he talks on people, he can’t take the heat when it comes from his opponents. After beating Jorge Rivera (in a fight where he struck him with a knee while he was down), Bisping spit at Rivera’s corner. Classy guy right? The guy is just outright obnoxious, hasn’t beaten an elite fighter in his career, and yet just doesn’t shut the heck up. Quite frankly, I loathe this man.

Matt Mitrione – I cringe just writing his name. Look, I love a great underdog story but this is one story that I hope doesn’t have a happy ending. Every time this guy opens his mouth I want to throw something at my television. For me, it goes back to The Ultimate Fighter when he whined and complained about his “brain being rattled” to get out of practice. Even worse, in the UFC he has beaten nobody and yet speaks in interviews as if he is some kind of MMA expert. What shot Mitrione up to the top of the list however is a confrontation he had with fellow UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. Mitrione talked trash on Ortiz and the mother of his children, adult film star Jenna Jameson and then tried to shake Ortiz’s hand when he saw him at the UFC expo. Ortiz refused and Mitrione stood there looking like he was lost in Penn Station. He crossed the line by bringing Ortiz’s family into his goofy interview and didn’t have the brass ones to back it up. I can’t wait to see this guy get KTFO period.

Anderson Silva – A casual MMA fan probably wouldn’t expect to see arguably the best athlete in a particular sport on the list of unlikable athletes from that sport. Silva is an exception. Silva is on this list for the ridiculous showboating and clowning around he does in the middle of fights when everyone watching knows, he could end the fight whenever he wants. I get it, he wants to have a little fun, but it comes across as incredibly cocky and disrespectful. Even worse, it is an insult to the fans that paid their hard earned money to watch a fight, not a goofy dance. For a guy that is as great as he is, and he is a living legend, he really needs to grow up at times and understand what people are paying to see.

Brock Lesnar – A couple of years ago Brock would have been at the top of the list. However, the UFC fans have softened a bit on the big guy. It all started when Lesnar demolished Frank Mir and proceeded to get in Mir’s face after the fight and pop the fans the middle finger. All appeared to have been forgiven when Lesnar came back from near death and a near loss to Shane Carwin and tapped out his opponent to the delight of the UFC universe. However, there is still a lot of resentment towards him from UFC fans that feel he was given an easy ride due to his WWE fame. I disagree but Brock doesn’t exactly have that warm and fuzzy personality to ease the tension nor does he want to. Lesnar was the biggest draw a year ago for the UFC and a big part of that came from fans wanting to see him get beat. Lesnar gets it as a former WWE superstar and if he has it his way, I don’t think he will ever make peace with the fans.

Rashad Evans – This is a tough one because Rashad won some fans recently with his latest effort at UFC 133 against Tito Ortiz. Yet it will likely take a couple more of those performances for fans to completely forgive this guy. The thing with Evans is his natural born arrogance. I think it is a great thing, but he can come across as very unlikable with his fancy suits and smirks. However when all is said and done it is fight style that has irritated fans for years going back to when Matt Hughes called him out for it on The Ultimate Fighter. It is hard to like someone that gets in the octagon and appears to be more interested in dancing away from his opponents with a dumb grin on his face than a guy that is ready to engage. He did a lot less dancing and a lot more striking at UFC 133 and if that trend continues, I can see Evans off this list in the next twelve months.

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Josh Koscheck – Some things never change and for Josh Koscheck that is certainly the case. He came into the UFC known as a big jerk on The Ultimate Fighter and continues to embrace that reputation. It came full circle when he returned to the show as a coach and mocked the great Georges St-Pierre weekly and failed to even come close to living up to all of the trash when they actually fought. Like Brock, Koscheck seems to revel in the hatred and stirs it up whenever he can on Twitter. The irony here is that if it wasn’t for the arrogance, he would probably be one of the most popular stars in the sport. He has a great story yet the continued trash talk and arrogance will likely keep him on this list forever.

[adinserter block=”1″]Nick Diaz – Speaking of trash talking, Nick Diaz is one of the best. The funny thing with Diaz is that he comes across as a guy that doesn’t care, yet I believe he is one of the most calculated fighters in the UFC. After one particular fight in Strikeforce he kind of let his guard down and told the fans in a post-fight interview that he was just saying that stuff (trash talk) to build up the fight. Well, he isn’t that calculated. Yet he continues to be a guy that complains about being disrespected, mocks opponents during fights, and will get in the face of reporters he sees as trouble makers. I love the guy but I am in the minority as Nick Diaz is certainly one of the most unlikable fighters in the UFC.

Tito Ortiz – If I did this list three months ago, Ortiz would probably be in the top three. Yet in a matter of a month, Ortiz completely turned around his reputation. Ortiz was hated for his constant excuses he would make after losing fights, hours after telling fans how healthy he was going into the fight. However, when Ortiz tapped out Ryan Bader in the first round and stepped up to fight a number one contender with two weeks training the fans opened their arms to the Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy. Unfortunately some habits never die and after losing to Evans, Ortiz started right back with the excuses. He is close to getting off the list for good, but that won’t happen until he stops making excuse, which I don’t see ever happening.

Jon Fitch – How does a guy with a 12-1-1 record in the UFC wind up on this list? When he wins 14 of those fights with slow, grinding, unappealing ground and pound that is how he winds up on this list. Throw into the mix that he openly refuses to fight his teammates, even if it means forgoing title shots, and you have a guy that just doesn’t understand the entertainment part of the UFC. Even the UFC president Dana White gets angry just mentioning his name. Personally, I like the guy and I think he gets a bad rap but the majority of UFC fans see it different and unfortunately for Fitch, that puts him on the list.

Honorable Mentions: Rampage Jackson, Matt Hughes, Jason Miller, Nate Diaz, BJ Penn, Matt Serra

Agree or disagree? Leave a comment and let me know.

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