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The Summer Of Punk 2 – Binky’s Ball

CM PunkSome of you may know me as Bianca, a longtime fan of the CCB. Some may know me as Binky Daze, burlesque performer/producer of the Richmond Burlesque Babies of Richmond, VA. But after one lone twitter comment, Eric Gargiulo has sucked me back into the world of wrestling blogging with the dangle of bylines, promoting my shows (18+ being burlesque and all :p) & expressing my opinion. All thins that you know I cant resist. So I thank you good sir & lets get the ball rolling on the person everyone talking about:

CM Punk. The man who has sent social media, wrestling fans of all types into a flutter with his unabashed comments & nail biting promos. Who doesn’t love #coltcabana, #snowangels, and #wweicecreambars? The #summerofpunk2k11 has been a big ball of wrestling fan crazy since word originally broke out that Punk was considering leaving the E. And who can really blame him?

[adinserter block=”2″]The E has been saturated by John Cena as the top guy. “Hustle Loyalty Respect“. Cena is this generation’s Hulk Hogan, the ultimate babyface with the millions of fans & millions of dollars of merchandise sales. And we have been stuck in the PG era where toys & children have ruled the roost, with the softball antics & promos that leave us fans feeling flat.

I’m sorry, did i say flat, try underwhelmed, annoyed with the perpetual :-O looks on our faces anytime the Bella’s attempt to rip someone apart as displayed Monday night. And did anyone feel the wind get knocked out once Cena started talking during Punk’s moment? Yup yup yup.

In two promos Punk breathed new life into a stale E. This was his “Austin 3:16” where he just unleashed the most unabashed verbiage since the days of Paul Heyman. And yes I’m a Heyman girl no doubt. Who else can deliver the blunt honesty with such style, grace, delivery, & sending all of social media into worldwide trending crazy other than CM Punk? Nobody. And this is where the crossroads meet.

Wrestling goes through it’s cycles. Where the new & innovative shuffles out the old & dated. Whether it was Attitude Era, ECW, ROH there’s always been that shift & the fans feels it. This is our shift, this is our new movement. Now whether the E capitalizes on it is a whole other story. For them to completely drop the ball on this would be not only idiotic but financially costly. Reports coming out of this past Monday night, CM Punk merchandise sold out at the arena.

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What does that tell you? This is what the fans want. They want that shift away from the pandering & kiddie fare to the slightly more edgy realism. While recreating the days of the Attitude Era would be a complete waste (as displayed by TNA Wrestling‘s nonstop recycling), shifting it to the era of Punk can reinvitograte a already floundering product with crap scripts & bullying girls. For a company that encourages anti-bullying, go straight for what you know, Chicks are petty. Great way to start a feud **eye roll**.

[adinserter block=”1″]That’s why his words has such a snowball effect on the fans, old, young, casual, diehard. Were not subjected to the status quo. He says what were thinking and it’s awesome. It’s art at it’s finest. Take the ugly truth, throw it against a canvas & out comes a Picasso. Will he walk out of WWE Money in the Bank as WWE champion only to potentially lose to the winner of Money in the Bank, hence he’s gone, Cena keeps his job & feud in a dry convoluted story with Alberto Del Rio, who people predict will win. Ya…it possibly will go down like that.

But for them to drop CM Punk’s anti-hero turn & not capitalize on this goldmine, mistake mistake mistake. But like all you fans out there, I will be watching with a Woodchuck in my hand & some yum-yum’s (Thanks for the invite Johnny Treason). Lets see if the ball gets played or gets dropped.

Sunday get it trending, coined by my friend Ramsey in decidation to the previous Summer of Punk on his last run of ROH. Tag it on the twitter & let us know what u think. Is it a early end or just the beginning of #summerofpunk2k11


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