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The Still Real to Us Show: Episode #73 – The n.W.o. Edition!

The Still Real To Us ShowI thought I’d take advantage of the slow news day by plugging my latest pro wrestling podcast. Fellow CCB writer Jeff Peck and I host the Still Real To Us podcast every week. We talk about all of the latest news and happenings in the world of WWE, TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, etc. every week on the show. If you enjoy my writings here or my Pro Wrestling Radio shows, check it out and give the show a try.

On this episode of The Still Real to Us Show Jeff and I discuss one and only one topic, the New World Order and the Hulk Hogan heel turn. We take a look back on the 15th anniversary of arguably the biggest heel turn in WCW history. We take a look at the actual night Hulk Hogan turned heel, all of the rumors surrounding the turn at the time, the impact on WCW, and the impact on the entire industry during that time period. Where does Hulk Hogan’s heel run rank among other great pro wrestling heels? Did this save Hulk Hogan’s career? What happened and why did it fail in the end? Was it the greatest angle in pro wrestling history? It is one hour of the n.W.o. and their legacy on the Still Real to Us podcast.

Listen to the Podcast – HERE!

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WWE: New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black

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