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The Staircase Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers, Plot Speculation, and More

True-crime enthusiasts are crazy about this one.

The Staircase quickly got the attention of the audience that loved true-crime shows thanks to the fact that it was a miniseries of the real-life documentary show of the same name in 2004. The story featured in these shows has been a big topic among true-crime enthusiasts and is always brought up during debates.

The miniseries premiered in May and quickly became a hit among the audience and the critics. The show is rated 95% on the Tomatometer. The series has already made its way to the end of the story and the second last episode i.e. episode 7 streamed on June 2. Now fans eagerly wait for the 8th episode which will be the series finale.

Here is everything we know about episode 8 so far:

The Story So Far

A lot of things that were kept in suspense during the initial episodes were finally revealed by the end of episode 7. We now know that Kathleen’s cause of death was not an anomaly after all as Dennis, the murder victim also dies the same way.

We also witnessed Sophie finally finding out that Michael might have slept with Dennis before Kathleen’s murder. The image of the North Carolina State Bureau of investigation fell down hard after the local news reported that they are failing in their duties.

Episode 8 Plot Speculations

Despite the audience already knowing the outcome of the trial, the showrunners have done a great job and making the miniseries suspenseful and fans are dying to find out what happens in the finale. We can make some speculation after the events of episode 7.

Michael and Caitlin are bound to come across each other once again but the meeting this time is going to e not so blissful. The Peterson family is bound to take sides as one side will support Michael and others will simply abandon him. We might also see Michael and Sophie getting romantically involved.

We are bound to see a ruthless side of Michael as he will be shown planning Kathleen’s death for financial gain. As for the end of the series, the most ideal way to end it would be to leave the cause of Kathleen will be left open for the watcher’s interpretation.

The Staircase Episode 8 Release Date and How to Watch

The 8th and last episode of the miniseries has been scheduled for release on 9 June 2022. The next episode will be the last of the series and the story will be wrapped up after that. There are no chances of a second season as this was a miniseries.

You can stream the show online exclusively on HBO Max. However, you will need a paid subscription to watch it. The first seven episodes of the show are already available to be streamed on HBO Max.



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