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The Spontaneous Theme of WWE Survivor Series 2017

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Survivor Series 2017 takes place Sunday night with much hype and big promises. Much of that has been brought on by surprises that are leaving fans excited and looking forward to the big four event. One can say Survivor Series often serves as a prelude leading towards the Royal Rumble and ultimately, WrestleMania. After both Raw and Smackdown this week, that hasn’t been more apparent.

The Under Siege segment that took place several weeks ago went over highly well with fans. No one saw it coming – the surprise factor was much appreciated. Indeed it was a big moment that continued to build. The New Day took charge in the under siege of Raw, and continue to find their aggressive balance by successfully distracting The Shield last week. It seemed that in an instant, fans were treated to a good surprise that actually made sense in terms of building up. The New Day’s distraction cost The Shield to lose their Raw Tag Team Championships; of course they will want revenge. That’s what The Shield does. The New Day shouldn’t be underestimated, as they have come off a successful feud with The Usos, and will no doubt attempt to steal the show when they step into the ring with The Hounds on Sunday.

The traditional main event match will definitely plant seeds going towards WrestleMania season. For both Raw and Smackdown, there are outside factors that will more than likely play into the outcome of the match. Many fans are speculating that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will cost Smackdown the match. While that is possible, on the Raw side, one has to think that Jason Jordan will hold some serious resentment in being taken off the team this past Monday. Could he be the shocker?

The spontaneity is the gift that keeps on giving in the battle of bragging rights. While there are veterans on both teams, perhaps this match will set up some big things for Jordan, Owens and Zayn depending. Zayn served as the surprise in Hell in a Cell, turning heel and realigning himself with his best friend. While the feud between Owens and Shane McMahon has seemingly culminated, it just may be that it isn’t over between them yet.

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Things look to head south between Jordan and Kurt Angle as Jordan was taken off Team Raw despite his pleas. It creates conflict between the father and son duo. Ultimately fans will see Jordan and Angle fall apart, but the question is when? It could be sooner rather than later, or WWE might want to create a slow burn with this one. Fans haven’t received Jordan very well since the story of him being Angle’s son has played out. That may change if he plays a part in the match.

There were two major Championship changes within the last two Smackdowns. Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles dethroned Natalya and Jinder Mahal going into Survivor Series. Considering all that has gone on both shows, the road to Houston has definitely shaken things up. This has been an exciting build for Survivor Series in quite some time, and WWE must follow through on Sunday. The build has been consistent the past several weeks, perhaps fans will see a sweet payoff in the end.

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