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Inside The Wheelhouse: The Sneer in Review

Mike LupicaIf you ever look @ Mike Lupica’s headshot in the Daily News you’ll notice almost a wee bit of a sneer, sort of a “hey take me seriously because I do type of look”…he’s one of the best we have writing sports and he was around when you could smoke cigars in bars and all of the “iconics” were playing, reporting, and drinking together, for that I love his column. Plus he goes on Imus which is only the greatest show on radio if you know anything about good radio…. Aside from those infomercials for the Dean Martin Show, Club Lupica is the only place you can go for a Toots Shore reference in the year 2010. I do find myself agreeing with a good amount of his political view points although I will call him on the whiny way he goes about expressing him. He writes politics the way he writes sports and I don’t think it translates well. And he always talks about guys who “find religion a little late in the service” which is a great line but he’s also one of those guys who decided to go all MSNBC on us when it became fashionable to start piling on the last administration….that being said (you know what’s coming, this is the classic, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against black people, BUT DID YOU EVER NOTICE HOW.)

[adinserter block=”1″]I have to call out Mikey Sneers on his Peyton Manning take after SB XLIV….He chided the greatest regular season qb of all time for amongst other things, not doing the midfield handshake with Brees and Sean Payton…’s the thing Sneers…..anyone mad that ‘ol “Peyday” didn’t give us the on-field handshake needs to read a book about the power of positive thinking and get over their need to wallow in someone else’s defeat. It’s this exact mentality that is the reason we have the first week of American idol, where people intentionally act like horrible singers so the rest of the country can feel good about themselves….it’s sad when you think about what network producers think of YOU THE VIEWER….when they program A.I. they’re basically looking at you as someone who looks at it this way: hey my boss is a ball-bag, I’m working to death for no money, my wife won’t bang me, BUT AT LEAST I DON’T SING LIVING ON A PRAYER AS BAD AS THAT GUY….THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Hey Senor Sneers, how about focusing on the positive achievement of the Saints and writing an article about Drew Brees and his kid and giving readers the kind of inspiration they really need? I know Peyday INTENTIONALLY blew off the handshake which sounds a little off putting until you realize what else went on in the NFL this weekend, ahem Rex “The Bird” Ryan, and Warren “Ike Turner” Sapp…..Dante Stallworth, Stephen Jackson (who got off) ….. I’ll quote another lefty for the road on this one……”give peace a chance” Mikey Sneers!!!! See that wasn’t so bad, was it?

– Has anyone else noticed that Steve Phillips and Ex-VP nominee John Edwards are pretty much the same guy?? How big is the sleaze quotient on Phillips? And now he’s doing the talk show circuit to apologize, i.e. campaign for a new job. Typical interview “blah blah blah”, someone hire me on their sports network, hurt my family, “blah blah”, team player, “blah blah”, learned I had a problem, “blah blah”…..and you KNOW Phillips kept his socks on when he drilled that young feruling up in Bristol….

– Happy Super Bowl one more time. I just can’t say it enough because it’s the only happy you can wish anyone and still include the title of the holiday……so happy Super Bowl….and sorry for not wishing ya’ll a few extra Merry Christmas’ as I would have been sued..and lets face it when your 33 and driving a yellow cab in Manhattan you’re not doing it because there’s a surplus of cash in your life…..

[adinserter block=”2”]- The Saints have taken Super Bowl XLIV and the big easy is getting ready to “party with Lombardi” this week as the “who dats” return home with their first NFL Crown since I used them in Super Tecmo Bowl in 1991. It’s going be a hell of a time down there, as it should be, because it doesn’t get any bigger than….THIS….but that’s in New Orleans….what I want to talk about is the celebration that will ensue up here, in the Northeast, where we will undoubtedly see hundreds of BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW SAINTS LIDS all over the sidewalks this week, not because we have any Saints fans up here but this is a MAJOR FRONT RUNNING TOWN…MAJOR….don’t believe me, ask anyone who saw the viral spread of Red Sox hats in 04…you couldn’t go to a street corner in this town and not see a Boston hat, they were like the Duane Reade drug stores of HAT. Good luck finding one now, with the Yanks taking the whole thing this year, there’s suddenly a Red Sox hat famine….seriously if you ask the average Saints hoodie wearing schmuck you see outside of Penn Station this week to name 2 guys on the Saints don’t be surprised to see them get stuck at Peyton Manning. But Jim, Peyton Manning isn’t on the saints………EXACTLY!!!! I’m not writing this because I have a problem with all the front running, as a Raider fan I totally empathize with the need to be around a winning team once in a while. All I’m sayin’ is at least cut the tags off your hat and bend the brim a little bit so we can at least create the illusion that you were with em’ all along. If you’re going front run, at least be discreet!!!!

– Got to send a big shout out for the guy who filled in for the WHEELHOUSE Sunday and told every body how to bet the super bowl…that was some impressive stuff…..what was his name again? I can’t remember, but I remember him sayin’ something about driving a cab….and being a no name comic who’s appearing @ Comix this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday….p.s. go to another blog if you’d like your days of the week capitalized!!!!!

– Roger Goodell announced that he wants to enact stricter rules to limit concussions. How about rules to limit the amount of Super Bowl commercials where animals act like people? How many violin playing beavers can you laugh at, middle America?

– And no pun intended but speaking of beavers, how bout that Danica Patrick making it to NASCAR. I die laughing when I hear someone mention what a big moment this is for women because she has made her way into this all male sport and forced her to take them seriously. As if she’s relevant for any reasons that have to do with her driving ability! I’m fine with integrating women into big time pro sports but not just so we can say we did. My advice to Danica, stop simulating sex with Megan Fox and learn how to drive. Your rise to prominence is the epitome of what the whole women’s rights movement is supposed to be against. Talk about objectification….really, has anyone ever seen a cheaper marketing ploy in sports??? Whose goning sponsor her car, HANDCREAM????? If you want to be a pro athlete, be a pro athlete! If you want to be a pornstar, be a pornstar…

Following XLIV who feels worse, Colts fans or Vikings fans? The Vikes SO SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THAT GAME!!!!!! friggin FARV- RUH……….. 7 turnovers against a team they completely DOMINATED….the Colts turn it over once (not counting the brilliant onsider) and it cost em the game….the Vikes turned it over SEVEN TIMES before it finally caught up to them…the good news, Vikes fans, is you were probably the best team in the league this year. The BAD NEWS………we end with a quote for extra credit…..

“the flowers you gave me, are just about to die, but when I think about what COULD’VE BEEN, it makes me want to cry”


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