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The Slow Return to Glory for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

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First of all, can I just say that the Miz’s promo on this past Raw hit right in the feels? Is it weird to say?

Perhaps so, but the passion that was evoked from the promo by The Miz reminded me of days past in the 80s and 90s where secondary Championships were just as important as the major ones. Throughout his Intercontinental Championship reign and beyond, The Miz has more or less addressed the elephant in the room of the lack of attention for the Championship. It has been a complaint of fans in recent years as that and the United States Championship was all but forgotten.

Things have certainly turned around, and that is one thing that WWE has been working on in the last year or so. Having someone such as The Miz brings more light to the Intercontinental Championship picture considering he has been on fire since his infamous Talking Smack tirade in 2016. The Miz’s character has gotten better and better and it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. Fans are buying what he is selling, literally. Take Raw for example, the crowd was behind Miz and rallied him on as he spoke confidently of his intentions to reign as Champion once again.

The feuds are just as important for the Championship as the person that is holding it. While The Miz and Dean Ambrose had a good feud that lasted much of 2017, it did feel a little dragged out. However, that essentially led up to The Shield’s reunion. I guess I can forgive the storyline just a bit here. Speaking of The Shield, current holder Roman Reigns has done a great job in the title defenses he has partaken in.

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I’d much rather see a Reigns/Miz feud for the Championship versus the rumors of Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania. Why not? There is a connection in the picture with The Miz and The Shield to which its longevity can be a focal point on the road to WrestleMania. There is a story there, and perhaps it should culminate in New Orleans. But what lies there versus what will actually happen is an entirely different story in itself.

The prominence of the Intercontinental Championship should continue to rise in 2018. Whether its holders are Reigns, The Miz or perhaps someone such as Finn Balor down the road, the consistency of focus for the Championship must stay top notch. The Miz’s building legacy of the Championship in this generation would be in vain otherwise. Talking about the Championship as if it is his life’s work helps him further establish himself as the Must-See Superstar that he’s preached about for years now. At this point, The Miz has the credibility to back it up.

The Championship will be defended at the Raw 25th Anniversary show in two weeks. With a stacked show from top to bottom, the showing for the prize promises to deliver. This is a great advantage for the Intercontinental Championship picture, especially with a part-time Universal Champion. Fans should be excited for what’s to come. It’s only January, imagine what the rest of 2018 would be like.

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