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The Shane McMahon Position of WWE

Has WWE gotten its groove back?

The past two weeks with Shane McMahon behind the wheel of Raw, it would seem a new energy has evolved and fans are more interested in what happens next. It could also become part of a storyline where there is a power struggle between McMahon and Triple H (just a thought for Survivor Series).

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Not everyone seems to be excited about the changes with the product, especially Superstar Billy Graham. The former WWF world champion has been very vocal before, during and after WrestleMania 32 and has been a harsh critic of the matches and the programs being written for the current stars on the roster.

As read on his Facebook page, Graham explains his position…

Disease of Conceit

That’s a Bob Dylan song that really tells it like it is. With the overwhelming social media mania demand to have Shane McMahon remain at the helm of RAW, well you fans have him. Good luck

with RAW and the product in general as things have changed for sure. I agree with Shawn Michaels when he said the other day and I quote “That I have lost interest in the current product.” Matches

now move at warp speed. No time to sell. High risk moves keep getting higher and that = more injuries. The scripted promos = no originality. Wrestlers are now like robots with scripted matches. Now we have Apollo Crews, very nice young man I am sure. But he is just another Neville, a gymnast, stands over his opponent and does a back flip to cover him. Seriously folks? He will end up being another Bobby Lashley. Can he cut a promo? Yes, I liked the old school way of doing business like in the photo below. Walking out of the ring in a high school gym, fun times. I don’t think guys aren’t having fun anymore.

Regardless of the comments made by the former wrestling great, the changes in attitudes and changes in latitudes following the huge weekend in Dallas have been for the better – there is no denying that. With a depleted roster, WWE pulled off a better than it should have been event. There is a buzz created, no matter whether you like it or not, now that Roman Reigns is the current WWE World Champion. There is a thunderous roar for the likes of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows and a roar from seeing Bray Wyatt as a babyface.

I had to read that again after I typed it. Going into Extreme Rules, this promotion has energy. You could not say that last year. It took a Daniel Bryan-like performance two years ago to create that kind of scenario. It doesn’t happen very often. And what WWE needs now is more. McMahon has taken the right steps to ensure there won’t be the boring storylines we have come to expect, not accept.

And all the while, it is still a hard pill to swallow. McMahon wasn’t supposed to be part of the aftermath, leaving many fans to ask why the heck the match with Undertaker was booked in the first place. There is no connection to the two – as if it never happened. Fan sensibilities were adhered to. For once, the company made the right decision. And now, there is forward movement.

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OMG! A plan, a goal.

Will Shane continue trying to recreate a WWE of old? Can he bring back the masses? Will fans continue to support the new movement? It remains to be seen and fans probably won’t know the answer to that question until after the likes of John Cena and Seth Rollins return. Hopefully Shane is around long enough to work scripts with them and other budding superstars.

And if it all works, then maybe WWE is finally on to something big.

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