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The Seth Rollins Injury and Other WWE Thoughts

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Evidently, the news of Seth Rollins re-injuring his surgically repaired knee is REAL! Even though Samoa Joe has a stellar job of selling the injury that occurred on Monday night when the Samoan attacked The Architect to close out the evening following the WWE Royal Rumble.

The move to bring Joe to the main roster to work in Triple H’s place as an opponent for his former pupil was pure genius, but the injury to Rollins couldn’t come at a worse time. There are various reports claiming the injury to the knee, which wasn’t even the focal point of the attack by the former NXT Champion, will take at least eight weeks to heal. The two-time WWE World Champion’s place at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando is now in jeopardy. With a card that has already begun to take shape, the gamble on Rollins’ return may be too great to wait on. How will the company revaluate a match with Joe or Triple H? Who becomes the next man up and assumes the role? More importantly, what happens when Rollins, who had to relinquish the WWE Title in November 2015 when he injured his knee, requiring surgery?

I’m voting for Finn Balor to meet Joe on the main roster with a possibility of Nakamura as a possible addition late in the march toward Orlando.

A slap in the face of Ric Flair

Would WWE really have John Cena drop the WWE World Title at Elimination Chamber, only two weeks after he defeated AJ Styles in an early candidate for Match of the Year? A loss by Cena, after such a build to tie Ric Flair for the most world title reigns with 16 would be a direct slap in the face of the greatest world champion of all time.

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Flair made sure the title came first and everything else second. The egotist and technician made everyone in the ring look like a champion. Cena hasn’t always done that, in fact wrestlers like Edge, Randy Orton, CM Punk and now AJ Styles, have made the new title holder look better. If the title is dropped at EC, which it is suspected that Bray Wyatt will win the belt and go on to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33, then this also becomes a slap in the face of Styles, who has been nearly brilliant in the role as champion and lead heel on SmackDown Live.

This is where the lack of depth of both brands shows. Flair took on everyone, and helped mid-carders through a 60-minute match. While Cena has been able to pull off some of the best matches in WWE of the past two years, he and Flair aren’t in the same league.

But to immediately took the strap from him would be a huge mistake.

After the WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is gone

When the dust cleared last Sunday night, it was obvious the path WWE wants to take with the WrestleMania card.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho will take their relationship to a new level, meeting for the Universal Title. Undertaker will face Roman Reigns. Charlotte and Bayley will dance once again. I’m hoping for AJ Styles and The Miz to dance, but that may not happen if WWE wants to see John Cena and Nikki Bella involved in a program before Bella may finally retire.

If Wyatt wins the EC match and faces Orton, what happens to Baron Corbin? Where does Styles fit in all of this and will he become a babyface? I suspect Braun Strowman wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. But from there, I’m still searching for the rest of the card.

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