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The Seth Rollins Factor in the WWE Royal Rumble

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The Royal Rumble is just days away and while many are predicting just exactly who will win the prestigious event, one has to wonder about Seth Rollins. Unquestionably Rollins has been on a roll since his return in April of last year. In a shocking swerve on this past Raw, Rollins was defeated by Sami Zayn, and thus lost his spot in the Rumble.

Rollins has been on a chase for the WWE, then Universal Championship but in midst of that there have been detours that have set him off course. Now that the cards have been laid out so to speak, Rollins is fully off course for the Championship hunt and is now in the progression of retribution.

In recent weeks Rollins has been calling out Triple H, as he wants revenge on his former boss. While the distraction on Monday night definitely gets the ball rolling, now fans know it is a matter of time before the two come face to face. Due to Triple H’s other commitments, the inevitable confrontation between the two of them has been dragged out as far as it could be until this point. Stephanie McMahon has served as the third party in all of this, as she is the commissioner of Raw. The plot thickens.

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With Rollins’ recent Twitter posts keeping track of Triple H, he just may come to the COO. With NXT Takeover taking place the night before, Rollins could very well show up to confront Triple H. It would be a big surprise and hypes up the impending match that will most likely happen at WrestleMania 33.

But what happens Sunday night? Rollins is one of Raw’s impact players and leaving him completely out of the Royal Rumble event itself isn’t that plausible. He has no reason to interfere in the Rumble itself, unless he takes out someone that is in the match and replaces them. Having him in just a backstage segment doesn’t seem right, either.

Essentially the ball is in Rollins’ court as to what will happen this weekend as a whole. Fans certainly can’t argue that Monday’s events leave Rollins in an interesting scenario for sure. What exactly Rollins will do is in the air, and it’s all speculation until it happens.

By this coming Monday night, we will be on the road to WrestleMania. For every action, there is a reaction and certainly that is the biggest case for Rollins. And that’s where McMahon will come into play even more. Because once more with Triple H’s commitments, he will not be on Raw every week. They certainly can’t use the same formula that they did with Reigns the year before; it just won’t work. There is no Championship to contend for with the two of them either. So if Triple H can’t do his dirty work, his wife is the second best thing, and everyone knows how well she plays that game.

By Sunday night there will be a good idea as to what exactly is the plan for Rollins going forth. And as long as fans stay invested then maybe the showdown will be one of the most anticipated heading into Orlando in April.

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