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The Secret WWE Has Told Us All Along

While this pains me to say it, I will admit that John Cena is still the best thing going in WWE today.

I’ll need a moment to recover from the secret WWE has been conveying for years now – that it cannot walk, talk, breathe or poop without The Champ in a ring for at least one segment of Raw. It’s a situation the creative team will have to deal with once he takes a hiatus after Hell in a Cell, which means we all get about two more weeks of seeing his mug on television and his five or six moves in the ring that still wow the audiences.

[adinserter block=”1″]How in the world are we going to survive without Hustle, Loyalty and Respect? How about, Creativity, New Heroes, Finally – a chance to other stars to rise above?

I’m not a bitter wrestling fan while writing this, more like a bitter columnist who has some axe to grind with professional wrestling in general. Like you, I watch week after week and literally pull my hair out over what I see on my flat screen.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so here I am pleading with the readers of Camel Clutch Blog to bear with me while I get through this very painful time in professional wrestling – the space in my life where I would give anything to see something exciting. Right now, John Cena is it and frankly, that frightens me.

Cena’s match with Dolph Ziggler in Chicago was supposed to be the start of something bigger, better and more. It was supposed to be the springboard of transition. Cena leaving for a few months, the need for a shining star to emerge as the new leader of the dysfunctional band, and the crowds to fully support a potential Ziggler heel turn (which I think is the best thing for business). There is only one problem with this scenario – there is no face character to step in right now and take over the joint. WWE has worked diligently to make Roman Reigns a bigger part of the bigger picture in the company (involvement in Susan G. Komen, more face time with promos by himself). But even that is painful to watch. Great character, bad mic work and in need of a manager – desperately.

I wanted five stars from Cena and Ziggler on Monday night and didn’t get it. As my friends would say with a chuckle, we were all left a little empty inside. Maybe it was because Raw was flat and we all figured this was the match to inject oxygen to the lifeless storylines.

Maybe it was because with backstage heat from Total Divas of Ziggler professing his love for his former girlfriend, Nikki Bella, and Cena leaving the show, it would be a great way to capitalize on momentum – something WWE knows little about these days.

[adinserter block=”2″]I will give the devil his due, saying the United States Open Challenge is one of the better segments of Raw and has been. Cena has put many a star over – which is something Ziggler needs after his disastrous angle with Rusev, Lana, Summer Rae and something about poor acting when he should be concentrating on wrestling. Few in this business sell like Ziggler and few are as talented. Failure to become Shawn Michaels should not be a reason to squash him on a weekly basis. That is not his fault, he did not create the comparisons.

So in a few short days, the dynamic of WWE changes until sometime in December. Ho Hum. Whether the company decides to put Cena in a match with Ziggler or not at Hell in a Cell remains a mystery. Whether Cena walks away with the title before his “break” also remains to be seen. Two months without a title defense is reason for treason in my book. But these are not my rules. They belong to the man in jeans shorts, bright colors and a military flat top. That’s how it works in Vince McMahon’s circus.

I just didn’t realize how many puppet strings Cena pulls weekly – this time his competition should win out and resolve the question of who will lead while the conquering hero takes a much needed break.

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