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The Science Behind Steph Curry’s Flawless Shot

If you are a fan of professional basketball, there is a 0% chance that you have never heard of Steph Curry. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, there is no doubt you saw his daughter Riley sharing his spotlight during postgame press conferences last year. Drafted to the NBA in 2009, Curry quickly garnered attention with his precision as a player. In 2015, he became the league’s Most Valuable Player and helped take the Golden State Warriors to a championship win.

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Flawless Shot

Shooting is the most basic skill in basketball, and it is one that has propelled this baller above his peers and helped him lead his team to continuous success. His shots are creative, and he often times makes it look effortless. So what’s his secret? Well, in high school, he taught himself to shoot from above his head and not his waist through repetition. Today, his hand-eye coordination is like no other’s and his release, one of the quickest in the league, also sets his shot apart. He can gather his dribble and release his shot, all in about 0.3- 0.4 seconds. The sharp arc he uses is the real science behind his shot; the steeper the shot, the wider the opening to into the rim. The steeper launch angle of his shots create this arc, and most of them enter the rim at an angle of at least 45 degrees.

While Curry claims to square his feet to the basket while shooting, it has been noted that he often turns 10 degrees away from the basket before taking a shot. When shooting a pass, he dips the ball a few inches from where he caught it. Next comes that flawless, fluid, one motion shot. Curry prefers no hitch or stopping and also uses little knee flexion when shooting. Overall, he is a rule breaker, using techniques opposite of those conventionally taught.


3 pointers are his area of expertise. As an expert at the three pointer, this season Curry is averaging 32 points per game. During the 2014-15 season, he made the most off-the-dribble three pointers of all players in the NBA. He has also become quite the traffic jump shooter. Curry hit over forty percent with a defender being 2-4, 4-6 and even 6 feet away. From last season through the end of November, among players with 300 shots, he was 4th most efficient shooter.

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2016 Predictions

The research into the science of his shot proves that even Curry’s bad shots are better than most players’ good shots. The math is also on his side. So what is in store for him and the Warriors during the 2015-2016 season? NBA Odds show that Stephen Curry and the his team are again strong contenders for the title this year as well. He is even in line to possibly be MVP again. So far this season, they’re off to a good start with a total of 20-straight wins. Led by Draymond Green, Leaondro Barbosao and Curry, the Warriors are eclipsing the competition, setting records and even continuing to improve their playing.

With four months left, it is hard to make predictions about the end of the season. However, there is no denying this team and their top player have a huge chance at ending on top again. Only time will tell. If not, they will have a good run, and surely Curry’s shot will continue to be a sight to marvel at. Young basketball players, experts and lovers of the game will continue to study and try to explain the method behind Curry’s precise shot.

Phil Oscarson
Phil Oscarson is a sports writer and betting odds analyst with over 10 years experience in the sports betting industry. When not writing about sports, he loves to play golf, basketball and tennis.


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