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The Sarge Is In Charge of WWE RAW Tonight

Sgt. SlaughterFormer WWE world champion Sgt. Slaughter will run the show tonight on WWE RAW. The WWE Hall of Fame superstar will be in charge of making matches and keeping order tonight. The Sarge is the first pro wrestler to Guest Host in weeks and wrestling fans couldn’t be happier.

Okay we get it, Vince McMahon has a hard on for celebrities. The bright side of the WWE Guest Host idea is that Vince realizes that WWE fans need a change. The downside is that he is overlooking the fact that change wanted is more wrestling. Fans have probably gotten less wrestling on WWE RAW the last few weeks than they have in the last five years.

The first Guest Host was WWE superstar Batista. He was okay but I liked the idea nonetheless. The next Guest Host was the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. I don’t know of many people who didn’t like seeing the Million Dollar Man. The WWE really hit a chord with old-school fans. Tonight will be the first time in weeks that WWE will be playing that tune again.

The great thing about Sgt. Slaughter is that he has three eras of wrestling fans. He has the Bob Backlund feud years, the Iron Sheik feud years, and later the Hulk Hogan feud. You could even argue for the DX feud years when Sarge and Hunter had their issue in the Attitude era. There aren’t many fans that don’t know who Sgt. Slaughter is.

It doesn’t matter that he isn’t on tonight for the right reasons. No, he isn’t on because Vince wanted to throw his old school fans a bone. He is on tonight due to the success of the GI Joe movie. You know? I don’t care, I am just glad to have one of my favorite old school villains back on WWE television.

It really amazes me that more of the old school WWE wrestlers aren’t used for the WWE Guest Host role. The WWE owns several video tape libraries and offers the WWE Classics On Demand service. The amount of history that WWE just sits on is amazing to me. Forgetting my own personal tastes, I am surprised for business purposes that more of the old school legends aren’t being used in this role.

The buzz is that the WWE will lean towards more celebrity Guest Hosts as this angle plays on. So far we have seen the good (Shaq), the bad (ZZ Top), and the ugly (Dr. Ken) that can result in this. The idea of a professional athlete going toe-to-toe with a pro wrestler seems to have worked best. Unfortunately with NFL mini camps underway, baseball season in full swing, and camps starting for NHL and NBA players the pool of athletes will be thin for awhile.

Count me in as one of the wrestling fans that don’t find much appealing about today’s product. However, they suck me in every time I hear of one of my old school favorites appearing on WWE RAW. Whether it is Ric Flair or Ted DiBiase, I am going out of my way to tune in. I have to think that there are more old school fans that feel the same way I do than old music lovers going out of their way to see ZZ Top.

Let’s hope the Sarge does a gangbuster rating tonight and opens up the eyes of WWE management. There are hundreds of old school stars from Hulk Hogan to the Iron Sheik that would make tremendous Guest Hosts. Once the Celebrity WWE Guest Host kick burns out, they are the ones that will still be left standing.

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