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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 19 Plot, Spoilers, Time and Release Updates

Hiatuses are important folks!

Already seen the 18th episode of The Rookie on April 10th? Can’t wait for another episode? Well, you gotta because the next episode might take a while this time. And with that, we mean that it will be almost a week before the next episode comes out.

And we need to appreciate hiatuses because it helps the people working on the show take things easy and bring out their best which will bring out the best from the episodes which in turn will help us watch an even better episode.

Anyways, here’s everything we know about the next episode so far:

What is The Rookie About?

The series features the story of Officer John Nolan, aged 40 and divorced living in Pennsylvania. John apparently ended up unintentionally helping the police officers during a bank robbery and then moved to Los Angeles to start his new career as a police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Now that John has become a police officer which was also his dream job as a child, he also happens to be at the time of his peak midlife crisis. His aim now is to show his workers he is not having a midlife crisis when in reality, he is the oldest rookie in the force.

The plot of Episode 19

Episode 18 was the last episode of the show to have aired yet and that was already a week ago. The episode was titled “Backstabbers” and featured Nolan and his team dealing with a group made up of some really difficult and spoiled siblings.

These siblings were apparently involved in a chain of deadly robberies on the train and their objective was to loot their own rich aging father. On the other hand, Officer Harper ended up proposing to James after taking matters into her own hands.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the plot for the next episodes has already been revealed. The story will continue with Nolan and the LA division on the FBI enlisting FBI trainee Simone Clark after one of her former students comes on the suspect list of people involved in an explosion caused by terrorism at a local power station.

Possibility of a Spinoff

Although the viewers will have to wait a while for the next episode, if it makes them any happier, the next episode might not be a normal one. The episode will be titled “Simone” and will feature Niecy Nash guest-starring in the show playing the titular role of the rookie.

The 19th episode will be a two-parter and a lot of groundwork is being laid into it. The 19th episode is scheduled for release on 24 April 2022. Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments.



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