The Rock Working On A WWE Comeback

The Rock Dwayne JohnsonLong before Dwayne Johnson was a movie star, he was a pie eating, eye brow raising, butt-kicking World Wrestling Entertainment superstar named The Rock. While The Rock hasn’t appeared inside a WWE ring for years, that may change. Dwayne Johnson has let the cat out of the bag and has revealed that he is working on a return to the WWE.

This is a story that I never expected to write about. Johnson left the WWE as a full-time wrestler several years ago to pursue his acting career. As his movie career developed, he began to distance himself from the WWE. It has been over five years since The Rock has actually donned the tights and wrestled a match. This may all change as Dwayne Johnson said in an interview this week that he and Vince McMahon are working on a WWE return that would include more than just a one-off WWE RAW Guest Host gig.

On a recent appearance on the Jack Diamond Morning Show, Dwayne Johnson said, “I love that world and being able to entertain, especially if I could go back and it’s on Smackdown and do a promo or guest host or we could create this cool show, whatever that may be,” Johnson said. “Especially now, I’m at the point where I can go back and give back to the fans and help out guys in any way I can…

“Right now, we’re trying to put together – there is always something cool and interesting for me to do. I would like to do something more than just host the show. I’m in the process of creating something really cool for the fans – something very special and unique. It will be something like one big entertaining show.”

Wow! That is absolutely huge. The timing does make a lot of sense. The Rock originally wanted to distance himself from the WWE so he could be taken more seriously in movies. Dwayne Johnson is now an A-List actor and can afford to have a little fun with the WWE and not worry about hurting his movie career. It is obvious to anyone that has watched or followed The Rock over the years that he truly does love the pro wrestling business. He grew up in it and was more successful in a shorter time span than anyone other than probably Andre the Giant or Bruno Sammartino in their primes.

The Rock made a recent appearance on the WWE 10th Anniversary SmackDown show. The guy still has it. The Rock’s promo on the show was better than any promo since the Ric Flair-HBK WrestleMania build last year. I can’t think of a better shot in the arm to turn WWE business around than someone like The Rock coming back on a semi-regular basis. I can only speculate what kind of project he has in mind but it sounds like something that would feature The Rock every few weeks which would be great to see. As someone that has tuned out more than he has tuned in lately, I would go out of my way to catch every second of The Rock if and when he returns to the WWE.

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