The Rock Vs. John Cena Match Reportedly Could Be Scrapped


John Cena vs. The RockAccording to a shocking report, the planned main-event between The Rock vs. John Cena is in jeopardy. Reports indicate there is a powerful voce inside Titan Towers lobbying to cancel one of the biggest matches in WWE history.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer broke the story on a very newsworthy podcast on his website. Meltzer says that there is one very influential voice trying to get the John Cena vs. The Rock match scrapped entirely off of WrestleMania 28. According to Meltz, the idea of canceling the match is not as inconceivable as you may think.

[adinserter block=”2″]Meltzer says that the argument against the match is that it is counterproductive to the new direction of the WWE and future plans. The argument is that the match sets John Cena up as a massive heel and it would hurt the company going forward to have their biggest babyface booed in front of 68,000 fans on what could be the biggest WrestleMania match of all time.

Meltzer does not name the “powerful voice” (which drives me crazy to no end sometimes the way he holds back news on a website you have to pay $11 to read, but I get it) but I think we can all figure this one out in about two seconds. It would make sense to believe that Triple H would be that influential voice. He is expected to take over the company at some point and if his future plan is to run with Cena as a major babyface star, it would make sense for him to voice his concern.

Although I am sure it has nothing to do with reports over the years regarding his jealousy towards The Rock right?

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Meltzer also brought up the finish. I don’t think the finish is really that big of a deal. I think the obvious answer here is John Cena goes over. The Rock has never been a selfish guy and probably put more guys over than he should have during his run as a WWE superstar. On the other hand, wouldn’t it make sense to put Dwayne Johnson over and give him the WWE championship, even if only for a month? To me, I don’t think you can go wrong with either finish, but the “powerful voice” in Titan Towers sees it differently.

The thought of scrapping such a money maker is almost mind boggling to me. I know very little about SEC regulations but I can’t imagine a WWE shareholder not losing his or her mind if they woke up one day to read that the WWE canceled The Rock vs. John Cena match because it conflicted with future plans. Now granted matches are always subject to change and with an injury, could change in a second. However, just scrapping the match in favor of something else is going to be a very tough sell to shareholders.

[adinserter block=”1″]This all goes back to the day after The Rock vs. Cena was announced. The majority of fans were excited but skeptics wondered whether the WWE was locking in on a main event too early. What if someone else got hot? What if plans changed? These are all legitimate questions but I think once you announce something as massive as The Rock wrestling at WrestleMania, you have to stick with it barring an injury.

Keep in mind that the match has not changed, but the chatter is there.

If this is true and I have no reason to believe it isn’t (Meltzer is rarely wrong on pro wrestling news, MMA news is another story), it really makes you wonder about Triple H’s judgment going forward. I can understand where he is coming from but if he is willing to throw away a blockbuster money match like this because he is worried about Cena being booed, you really have to worry about the financial stability of the company as a fan, but even more so as a WWE stockholder. Again, there is no confirmation at all this is Triple H, just a hunch on my part. Whether it is Triple H, Michael Hayes, Kevin Dunn, or Stephanie McMahon, the lack of business sense here is just shocking.

And oh yeah, if you are that worried your top babyface being booed well then maybe he shouldn’t be your top babyface. Just a thought.

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  1. Vince wont let this match be cancelled, The Rock Brings in sooooooooooo much money for the WWE. and his Team Bring It! thing he has going right now is pretty bad ass. iv been apart of team Bring it since 1998

  2. this is the issue with planning a match with someone a year ahead of time who pops his head in the company once every 3 to 4 months. i say lets have CM Punk win the Belt. at Summer Slam and have him get screwed by Del Rio right after the match to have a Punk vs Del RIo match to get Cena out of the title picture to focus on the Rock.

  3. Even if everyone does boo cena, rock will only be around a short time. A few weeks to a month at best. Cena's biggest fans are the younger generation who barley know who the rock is. His image/character will go unharmed. This match will not be cancelled for this reason.

  4. If you promise something to the fans THEN FOLLOW THROUGH ON IT. Rock VS Cena needs to happen to save the WWE's credibility. Just because I hate the Rock doesn't mean I don't want his fans to be kept happy. The jabroni-beater can do whatever he wants, it just means a piss break to me. Now Stone Cold VS CM Punk could be interesting, even if the promos would be the only good part. At least Stone Cold can still remember how to promo without beating us over the head with catchphrases.

  5. To be fair, when Rock was facing "Rocky Sucks" chants, he was far from the top babyface. Although that's what he was being groomed for, he was still only a mid-carder at best. As for the dueling "Cena" chants, I hate those and all other dueling chants that have become commonplace in wrestling (I mainly blame the fans at the Impact Zone for it).

  6. I think a lot of the people that boo Cena are bandwagoners! It has become a tradition to join in on the "let's go Cena, Cena sucks" chants. Besides, when the rock was the top babyface he was booed more than Cena (remember the rocky sucks and die rocky die chants) so I really don't think it has anything to do with John Cena getting booed. Another consideration is that the tide is changing toward the rock – it is evident on a lot of IWC sites since Punk's shoot promo – a LOT of people don't think the rock deserves the main event at Wrestlemania. At the end of the day, the WWE is a business, and as such, it has to look beyond one big payday to the longevity of the product. Like it or not, John Cena is the biggest star in the WWE and the mainstream fan base love Cena as the face of the WWE. The IWC makes up only about 10% of the fan base and the other 90% are the ones that buy the tickets, PPVs, and merchandise, so, from a strictly business standpoint the future profits should outweigh the one time pop of a huge match at Wrestlemania!

    • Kimmy, you have no idea what you are talking about. The Die Rocky Die chants were when he wrestled as Rocky Maivia, not when he became The Rock. It has nothing to do about a one match pop. It isnt even the IWC I am talking about. It is the mainstream, casual fan that will be buying this match. You are way off here.

  7. I guess Triple H has never seen practically every Wrestlemania match John Cena has been booked in. Aside from his first one against JBL, Cena has always gotten booed, whether it was a face/heel match or a face/face match. Even in his match with Triple H, who was THE heel in the company at the time, the live crowd crapped all over Cena, and were infamously stunned (the guy just frozen in place in the audience) when Cena won the match by submission. As you said, Eric, if they're so worried about their top face getting booed, then he shouldn't be the top face. I've been saying this for years, as Cena almost always gets booed in big matches, regardless of the opponent.

  8. Scenario 3: DQdouble-count-outsome other lame finish: everyone hates the match, the internet explodes with disgust, WWE damages their brand because they couldn't throw down one or the other of their top babyfaces.

    Would I love to see a heel turn for Cena coming out of this? Sure. Do I think it will happen? No. Why not? Because the WWE looks at the audience, sees little Timmy, age 6, clad head to toe in Cena gear, and goes, "We could have that kid as a fan for another ten years – if we don't make him hate us." And then they have to find a way to put Cena over with the kids without burying him with the adults – something they've completely failed at for years.

    Yeah, I think this match was a mistake, like painting yourself in to a corner while the house is burning down.

  9. Scenario 1: Rocky wins. Cena can't really be used as a face, can't really be used as a heel… great. He's an eighty-billion time world champion with no defined role. Nice job, Creative.

    Scenario 2: Cena wins. The Rock helps put Cena over, the match is a 5-star classic, and the next day… the entire internet bags on Cena, tries to find botched spots, argues that Rocky wasn't in shape, etc. Cena wins, but he loses in the process.

  10. Two thoughts right off the top of my head –

    First, HHH might be worried that this is a case of cashing in on an opportunity now and forgoing more money down the line, which is a legitimate concern – it can be argued that it makes more sense from a business standpoint to forego a single big payday, extend Cena as a babyface, and continue making money off him in that role for another decade as opposed to cashing in everything on a single Wrestlemania match and ruining their top babyface for years to come.

    Second… that last line is really an unfair shot at Cena. Let's be honest with ourselves: ANYONE on the current roster is going to get booed if they're up against the Rock. Anyone. The only wrestler on the planet that could get face heat while going head to head with The Great One is Stone Cold, and it's pretty clear he's not going to get back in the ring anytime soon. For my money, it's a mistake to put anyone against the Rock unless Rocky's coming back to wrestle full time. This is a no-win for his opponent.


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