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The Rock Makes Surprise Appearance At WWE House Show (Video)

There used to be a time where you never knew what would happen at a WWE house show. Today, house shows are generally one in the same yet Saturday night was an exception as fans in Boston received a very big surprise.

The Rock made a rare appearance on Saturday night in Boston at a WWE house show. According to reports, Dwayne Johnson is in Boston making a movie. The Rock came out during Bo Dallas’ match and had a lengthy verbal altercation with Dallas. You can probably guess how this one ended.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE posted video of this on their YouTube channel and by the way, I love the gritty appearance of the video. It reminds me of seeing house show clips on WWF television as a kid. Video of this appearance needs to be played numerous times over the next few weeks. I think something as simple as this could really help house show business. Most know that you aren’t going to get big angles or title changes at house shows anymore. They just don’t happen. A video like this could change that mentality completely.

Finally, you have to give credit to the WWE for giving a younger guy like Bo Dallas the rub. He desperately needs it. Although I am surprised they didn’t stick him in there with someone a little higher up on the card. Kevin Owens is the first guy that comes to mind and even though it would have ended with Owens taking a Rock Bottom, maybe the video has some legs and they work towards a match somewhere down the line.

Owens, Dallas, or whomever, I am sure the fans in attendance in Boston were just happy for a once in a lifetime moment which is seeing The Rock at a house show.

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