The Rock Returns To WWE RAW On May 2


The Rock is returning to Monday Night RAW on his birthdayThe Rock will take one step closer to WrestleMania 28 when he returns to RAW on May 2. He will also be taking one step closer to 40 as he celebrate his 39th birthday on the same night. Is it me or are you also thinking that the night ends with birthday cake in The Miz or Alex Riley’s face?

This is fairly surprising news in my opinion and welcome news at that. When The Rock vs. John Cena was made on RAW, I assumed that The Rock would be off of television until November at the absolute earliest. It appears that The Rock will be more involved throughout the next twelve months than we thought in building up WrestleMania 28.

[adinserter block=”2″]I based my prediction on the fact that John Cena will be wrestling regularly for the next year as the WWE’s top babyface. Unfortunately for Cena, he quickly became the most hated man in the WWE once The Rock started laying the smack down on him upon his return. My guess is that they would keep The Rock away for awhile to let Cena get some babyface heat back. Sorry John, you’re screwed again.

It is ironic because whether it is the disappearance of The Rock or just that particular city, it appeared that Cena was starting to get some of his babyface heat back last week on WWE television. For the first time in weeks Cena wasn’t booed out of the building. Even if the trend continues and Cena starts to get some babyface heat back, any progress will be for nothing on May 2.

On May 2 not only do you have The Rock in the house, but the show is in Miami which is a hometown of The Rock’s and it also happens to be The Rock’s birthday. Additionally he will probably be walking into the building with the WWE title following Extreme Rules. Not even an escort into the ring by Don Shula could save Cena from boisterous Miami crowd on May 2.

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[adinserter block=”1″]While the news gives the WWE a chance to further the storyline, it also gives the same brilliant team that had Cena and The Rock shaking hands a few weeks ago a chance to ruin it. Fans went from excited to booing when The Rock and Cena shook hands a few weeks ago and worked together to turn away the Corre. The first angle was not very good at all and if that is what we have to look forward to throughout the year, well they are better off getting this match over with at Extreme Rules.

It will be pretty interesting to see what The Rock comes up with on May 2. He has already shaken hands with Cena and put him over telling him they are “a lot alike.” Does he revert back to the “Fruity Pebbles” promos and just rag on Cena like he did in the WrestleMania 27 hype? Does he continue to endorse him? Maybe The Rock gets laid out and disappears for awhile?

Whatever the result, the return of The Rock to WWE television as a somewhat regular superstar is welcome news.

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