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The Rock Needs to Know That the Nerd Is the Word

The RockI am a fan of Star Wars. I loved Lord of the Rings, both the books and the movies. Right now, I’m rooting for John Cena to win at WrestleMania, if we’re talking just as a fan getting lost in the moment. By The Rock’s definition, I should be a virgin. Yeah, except that I’m married and have a five month old son. Oh wait, did I just shoot holes in Rock’s theory? Maybe, but I’m only one person. Then again, I’m also not alone.

[adinserter block=”2″]I know I’m not alone not because I know other people who are nerds and have kids. That’s still anecdotal evidence. Nope, I can tell just by looking at all the big movies Hollywood seems to be producing. Franchises settled around Batman, Spider-man, the Avengers and X-Men are hot right now. Movie studios are scraping the bottom of the comic book barrel to find properties they can put on film, whether they end up as critically successful as Watchmen or bomb in all respects as Ghost Rider. Hell, the most successful nerd properties are licenses to print money, whether they’re adapted like LOTR or wholly innovated like Avatar.

So, why is The Rock looking to alienate an entire portion of the audience that seems to want to put money into the pockets of people who cater to them? Hell, why is Cena running away from that label? Why are the meathead jocks the only people that matter to the two men headlining WrestleMania? It’s baffling.

For a company that has made so much of a big deal about declining buyrates, they really are doing a good job keeping away an audience that is willing to pay money to watch things on their television or on the silver screen, aren’t they? I’m not sure why WWE is stuck in the mindset of their greatest manager, “Classy” Freddie Blassie, who opined that a pencil neck geek is someone worth mocking. Times have changed. Wrestling isn’t just for jocks and rednecks anymore. Just take a look at the Internet, the Internet that WWE seems to care a whole lot more about lately than they did even ten years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, the nerd is the word.

That’s why this whole “Cena, you’re gay”, “No Rock, I’m not gay, so you are the one who is gay” exchange thing is silly. I’ve already written ad nauseam at the idea of how blatantly offensive that line of thinking is, but it’s also incredibly stupid. A company needs to give their fans a horse in the race for their biggest match of the year. Obviously, there is going to be a minority of people for any match that isn’t going to care about either participant, but for a match between two ostensible heroes, the fact that they’re giving a group of fans NO REASON to root for either guy is just baffling at this point.

[adinserter block=”1″]So yeah, when The Rock mocks fans in the crowd for liking Chewbacca, he’s really turning all the people who might also like Chewbacca away from WrestleMania, especially when Cena’s comebacks are no more than “oh yeah, well I’m manly too, Rock!” Attaching the stigma of virginity is even worse, because abstinence really isn’t that bad an option. While I think if two consenting adults want to knock the boots, they should be able to, I also think that if someone wants to hold out, that’s a noble option. It’s not something that should be mocked just because it’s not “manly”.

Especially when us nerds breed and breed pretty well, if I might add.

Tom Holzerman is a lifelong wrestling fan and connoisseur of all things Chikara Pro, among other feds. When he’s not writing for the Camel Clutch Blog, you can find him on his own blog, The Wrestling Blog.

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  1. It's baffling.

    I keep watching because I enjoy watching a good wrestling match, and enjoy some of the characters and storylines, but watching the build up to Rock/Cena, I'm not finding much cause to root for either of them.

    I think what I'd like to see happen at WM:
    Cena's music hits, plays for 5 – 10 seconds then cuts off.
    Rock's music hits, plays for 5 – 10 seconds then cuts off.
    Miz's music hits, Miz walks out and says "You were expecting Rock/Cena?" shakes head "April fools."
    Cue titantron footage of Miz backstage assaulting Cena then Rock, leaving them both unable to compete.
    If they insist on keeping Miz physically unthreatening like they have been, he can start each assault with a Tazer and "injure" them while they're incapacitated.

  2. here is an idea,if you find what they are doing offensive then instead telling the people who watch it to stop why don't you just stop watching it yourself? you and all the other p.c. police can do whatever you want and let the rest of us who do enjoy what they are doing watch it without being told how insesitive and offensive we are for enjoying it?if after awhile the ratings fall or do not improve then maybe they will slant the show more to your liking but untill then I will watch and enjoy it with no guilt at all.


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