The Rock meets John Cena on RAW Video

The Rock meets John CenaThe Rock tweeted before RAW on Monday,” John Cena and I had a much needed heart to heart talk this weekend at my home. U will see it tonight on RAW…” Watch the video and see what happens when The Rock meets John Cena on WWE RAW.

I loved this video although it has received a mixed reaction. A lot of critics hated the music playing at the end of the promo when The Rock addressed The Miz. It was definitely weird and a bit campy to say the least. At one point I expected the Dungeon of Doom to make an appearance. If this was supposed to get me thinking of The Miz as a dangerous heel well, they still have a lot of work to do.

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The Rock is just awesome here. The Rock brings out a little boy in John Cena clothing and the two have a “face to face” meeting of the minds. The Rock once again tears John Cena apart and delivers a promo in that is in another stratosphere of standards as compared to today’s WWE promos and interviews. The segment runs close to 10 minutes and I wasn’t bored for any of them.

Interestingly enough this was the first time in this whole Rock vs. Cena feud that the crowd didn’t completely back The Rock. The live crowd in St. Louis was a different animal altogether and well a little slow throughout the night in picking up on certain things. During the final segment when The Miz came out dressed as The Rock, fans in the crowd were still going crazy believing it was The Rock well into the segment and even after The Miz revealed himself.

The positive for the WWE on Monday night is that they found the only crowd in America that would chant “Snooki, Snooki” and back the Jersey Snore star in a wrestling angle.

Back to The Rock. This was definitely a more heelish promo from The Rock and it reminded me of his “Rock Concert” promos back during his last heel run. Maybe the WWE learned a lesson because instead of sending John Cena out to respond, he completely ignored the promo and dropped a rebuttal. At this point that is probably the best plan of attack going into WrestleMania 27.

The Rock closed the promo saying that he would be back on RAW before WrestleMania 27. That would make at least two more confirmed live WWE appearances by The Rock in the next several weeks. I for one certainly won’t complain.

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