The Rock is the WrestleMania 27 Guest Host – Video

The Rock Dwayne JohnsonThe Rock is finally back in the WWE or as he calls, “home.” The return of the former WWE champion was announced on WWE RAW. The Rock is the WrestleMania 27 guest host and appeared live on RAW for the first time in seven years to make it official. The Rock is going to WrestleMania!

I hate to say I told you so but I was dead wrong on this one. I wrote a blog last week about who the WrestleMania 27 guest host would be. I had some fun and gave Vegas odds to the choices. Well if you bet The Rock at my 100-1 odds last week you would have won enough money to buy plenty of WrestleMania pay per views.

The Rock returned live to Monday Night RAW tonight and I have to say that it was a pretty surreal moment. The announcers teased that the new guest host would appear throughout the show. Finally a limo pulled up right before the break, the crowd chanted “Rock!” and a woman’s feet were shown walking out to throw off the audience. RAW returned from break and The Rock appeared and was announced as the WrestleMania 27 Guest Host. As you could expect the crowd went absolutely bonkers for The Rock. The Rock proceeded to cut an awesome promo and looked like he hadn’t missed a single step since the last time he appeared live on WWE television.

The highlight of the masterful promo cut by The Rock was his attack on John Cena. John Cena has said some negative things about The Rock over the last few years in the press and apparently The Rock paid attention. The Rock cut one of the best promos you will ever hear in your life about John Cena. It was a really odd move considering that you had the most popular star in the WWE cutting down and mocking the top WWE babyface. The Rock said he would see John Cena at WrestleMania. My guess here is that they will pull something similar to Steve Austin and Mike Tyson where they teased a confrontation but Rock and Cena wind up working together in the finish at WrestleMania.

The reason I didn’t give The Rock better odds is because Dwayne Johnson has been asked about a WWE return for years and always gives the same answers. He always says he wants to come back, yet in the last four years the most that Vince McMahon could get was one taped interview on SmackDown. The Rock teased a WWE return just two weeks ago when answering questions on his Facebook page. Unlike his previous answers, this time The Rock wasn’t full of monkey crap!

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“Vince and myself stay very closely connected and when the opportunity is right – which will be a lot sooner than you think–we will do something electrifying and historic for the fans…he and I were toying with the idea of a special show called “ROCK RAW”… sounds like a perfect title for me to come back and SLAP THE LIPS OFF THOSE JABRONIS and LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON AAAAALLLLL THEIR CANDY ASSES!!!”

I am also surprised because it was rumored numerous times that The Rock would guest host on WWE RAW last year. Apparently there were dates sent to The Rock for the three hour RAW shows and he was unavailable for all of them. I never saw a guy so busy on every Monday of the year in my life. My guess was that if they couldn’t grab him for a brief Monday night appearance that they weren’t getting him for WrestleMania. I am happy to say that I was wrong.

Well the opportunity was right for WrestleMania and this may be one of the biggest coups that the WWE has pulled off in some time. Up until now WrestleMania 27 didn’t quite have the WrestleMania feel to it. It is a pretty solid lineup but there was nothing special that stuck out to make this the WWE’s biggest event of the year. The Rock returning alone would be enough, but putting The Rock on WrestleMania 27 as the guest host for a full four hours is likely enough to convince those fans on the fence to buy WrestleMania and see the return of the Great One. After his appearance on RAW tonight, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to see him back for an entire show.

The Rock may not be the last of big surprises to hit WrestleMania. There are still plenty of rumors about Sting vs. The Undertaker or an Undertaker vs. Triple H Streak vs. Retirement match. It would also not surprise me to see Stone Cold Steve Austin involved in something to promote Tough Enough. All of the sudden the 2011 WrestleMania is looking a whole lot better.

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