The Rock Cuts New Promo On John Cena, Teases Survivor Series Appearance

The Rock has posted a brand new 11 minute promo in response to Cena’s promo from Australia. Even better, Dwayne Johnson teases that he will see John Cena before WrestleMania in New York at Madison Square Garden, presumably at Survivor Series.

Wow, just wow! This promo is just unbelievable. Apparently The Rock never got the memo about the new PG direction because this promo is not safe for work. The Rock just unloads on Cena and really takes issue with Cena for being a sell-out. Even the biggest John Cena fans are going to have a hard time defending the champ after this one.

I don’t think that this is all just coincidence. CM Punk has mentioned The Rock in promos over the last week. John Cena cuts that promo on The Rock last week in Australia. Maybe there is a reason that all of the sudden we are talking about The Rock or at least I hope so.

The most noteworthy moment of this classic promo comes towards the end where The Rock makes a little bit of news. The Rock tells Cena that he isn’t going to wait for WrestleMania 28 to see him and slap his face. The Rock tells Cena that he will see him before WrestleMania and gives fans a very interesting hint where that will be.

We are going to come find you before WrestleMania, we’re going to whup you’re a$# before WrestleMania, and The Rock is going to drop a little hint of where it’s going to be. It’s all going to go down in the city where The Rock’s dreams came true. In the city, where it all started for The Rock. From the moment The Rock walked in that historic arena and thousands of thousands, chanted The Rock’s name. His very first night was the moment that The Rock and those fans, the moment that The Rock and that city became one for life.

The Rock debuted in Madison Square Garden at the Survivor Series, Survivor Series 2011 is in Madison Square Garden, you do the math.

A Survivor Series appearance makes a ton of sense as far as the timeline goes. November will be just enough time to create some demand to see The Rock back, allow Cena to finish up whatever summer program he is involved in, and create some buzz for WrestleMania 28 which would be just a few months away.

To be continued…

Thanks to my good friends at WrestleChat.net for the tip!

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