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The Rock Confirms He’ll Be At WWE Survivor Series In NYC

The Rock is going to the 2011 Survivor SeriesGet ready New York city because The Rock is coming home! Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will be appearing at the WWE Survivor Series 2011 in November at Madison Square Garden. “If u think I’m mean now, just wait til Survivor Series in NYC.

This Dwayne Johnson tweet came on Monday morning in response to a flood of tweets from John Cena fans who called out The Rock for being “mean” to John Cena. The Rock responded to Cena Nation with the following tweet.

Cena fans: pls stop tweeting me to stop being “mean” to John. If u think I’m mean now, just wait til Survivor Series in NYC.

[adinserter block=”2″]This follows up a recent promo The Rock posted on his You Tube channel where he hinted that he would be coming to the Survivor Series in November to confront John Cena. Here is what the Great One said on a recent promo that got fans talking about Survivor Series 2011.

We are going to come find you before WrestleMania, we’re going to whup you’re a$# before WrestleMania, and The Rock is going to drop a little hint of where it’s going to be. It’s all going to go down in the city where The Rock’s dreams came true. In the city, where it all started for The Rock. From the moment The Rock walked in that historic arena and thousands of thousands, chanted The Rock’s name. His very first night was the moment that The Rock and those fans, the moment that The Rock and that city became one for life.

Today’s tweet confirms what most of us speculated two weeks ago when The Rock teased the appearance in his video. As of this writing no tickets have gone on sale for the event. I would expect this one to sell out fast so if you are planning on going, keep your eyes out for any on-sale dates or pre-sale WWE ticket passwords.

Editor’s note: Tickets will go on sale September 10.

The timing of this announcement and the previous promo is a bit odd to say the least. With two weeks to go until SummerSlam 2011 and in the midst of the CM Punk WWE championship angle, I don’t know if this is great timing from a WWE perspective. Like it or not, The Rock will overshadow anything when he speaks and here two weeks before SummerSlam you will have an entire WWE Universe talking about a show that won’t even be taking place until November.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the other hand, it keeps the storyline at the front of the line where it should be. The WWE are gearing up to make WrestleMania 28 the biggest WrestleMania in company history. They have taken a big risk here by promoting a match a year in advance. In order to find a good mix between overkill and sustaining interest, The Rock and Cena will need to drop tweets and videos randomly up until WrestleMania.

So we know that The Rock is going to appear at the 2011 Survivor Series. Does that mean that the CM Punk storyline will end before Surivor Series? Does that mean that somehow or another that John Cena gets the WWE title back by Survivor Series? Does that mean that any potential Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena program is D.O.A. with fans more excited about seeing what happens between The Rock and Cena than anything Del Rio and Cena have to say? What about Vince McMahon and Triple H?

The bottom line here is that no matter what happens or who gets hot, Rock vs. Cena is the main program right now in the WWE and that isn’t going to change.

Update: John Cena tweeted a response to The Rock after this blog was published. Here is what he sent out on Twitter.

Dear Dwayne, excited that you are thinking of attending Survivor Series in MSG! U can buy your ticket on sept 10th. See you there!

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