The Rhodes Family Angle is Better than the WWE Corporate Establishment


You know you are getting older when you have to fight with yourself to remain awake to until 11pm to see a wrestling match. I suppose the Flintstone’s Vitamins aren’t working anymore and we need to change to the stuff with more iron in them.

[adinserter block=”1″]Whatever the case may be, just let me say that watching Goldust in action and the new union with his brother Cody “Rhodes is now worth any amount of admission to a WWE show. If this is what the company has in store with matches between the new WWE Tag Team Champions and The Shield, then please count me in. Nine months ago, we were teased with a battle of the two bother at the Royal Rumble – giving us hope the unholy idea of brother vs. brother may still be in the works. Now, we are excited by the fact the Rhodes family is just that – La Familia.

I will give the WWE credit in how they are slow playing other areas of the corporate angle – excluding Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

We aren’t sure from week to week that may come out for the back and tease us with a “potential” part in the angle. We aren’t sure if Alberto Del Rio will join the dark side of justice. Will someone like a repackaged Wade Barrett return to the scene of some of his better work? Will Triple H get in the ring or will someone like Booker T try and recapture some of the same electricity he once had? Does he jump ship and do “What is best for business?”

The Big Show came out of nowhere the other night and delivered by all accounts the best performance of the night when he helped Cody and Goldust win the tag team titles. This has to set up nicely for Survivor Series for a match with Triple H or even a Team Corporation vs. Team Big Show at the bi g pay-per-view event. Personally the idea of the two of them at Hell in a Cell is just too tempting for me that I think it would have been aces for the WWE, but there is not enough time to do the angle justice. If something like this is rushed and in this case, using a poker term, played over the top, the end result would be a bust.

The WWE cannot afford for that to happen.

And if you have not noticed, the Paul Heyman/CM Punk angle continues to play itself out in large fashion while it takes a backseat to the inner breakdown of the WWE. That in itself is one of the gems of the WWE right now. How can something like this angle – with all its twists and turns and destruction, have a second chair to anything else? If this were an angle from the mid-1980s NWA with Jim Crockett and Dusty Rhodes in control, it would ebb front and center in Charlotte or Atlanta or Florida or anywhere there could be a venue for it.

If it had been part of Dusty Rhodes’ “Great American Bash” Theme in 1987, there is no doubt it would be the best thing going for the entire summer.

Right now, even in Mark Madden’s world of lost wrestling and the IWC and fans wanting more than a continuation of battles between superstars, the WWE is working to change things, see what fits, see what works and does not roll. Even a novice fan can see that. The Orton/Bryan angle is getting weaker by the day. John Cena is returning to the field of battle and will give the World Title some street cred.

[adinserter block=”2″]But if you want to know where the minds of the creative and management teams are in the company, look no further than two brothers who are stealing the whole damn show.

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