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The Renee Young Equation in The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose WWE SmackDown Feud

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One of the feuds that are the focus of Smackdown right now is between Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Dean Ambrose. The Miz continues his blazing trail of pushing the envelope on the blue brand. So when Ambrose became his target, The Miz took it a step further and knew how to push buttons when it came to Renee Young, who is Ambrose’s girlfriend.

It is well known by now of the real-life relationship between Young and Ambrose. Affectionately dubbed “Deanee” by some fans, the relationship has recently been spotlighted on Total Divas. Between the Miz feud and the show, it seems that is it a no brainer to weave that into the feud for maximum impact. Essentially Young is serving to be the catalyst to drive the feud forward.

But is it necessary? While it puts Young in the spotlight of a new kind, what does it do for Ambrose? Perhaps it’s to show another side to the Lunatic Fringe in terms of trial and error. Women have a thing for him since he began his main roster career in The Shield; seeing him in the light of a man defending his woman only adds to his bad boy allure. However, Ambrose is quite the character; he isn’t your average dude. Will it help him overall once the feud is over? It’s hard to say at this point.

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Another factor in this feud is the wife of the Miz, Maryse. There is no doubt that the ladies will tangle up during the course of this feud, and it would come as no surprise if there will be a mixed tag bout before the feud is over and done with. While Maryse has ring experience, she hasn’t wrestled in years. Young has no experience in the ring as far as fans can tell. Perhaps the tension will result in a classic catfight that will serve as a standout moment for both ladies.
There are more questions than answers, and it’s hard to say what the outcome will be in due time.

It is no doubt that the Miz’s career has been resurrected since his infamous lash out against Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. The fire should keep on going, as his savagery is one of the highlights of Smackdown. For Ambrose he went from the main event to the mid-card once his feud with AJ Styles was over with. That leaves with one theory: it is clear that this feud is serving as Young’s coming out party for 2017.

The Miz may see the main event once more if he keeps his hot streak going, to which it should be sooner or later depending on how the WWE Championship picture plays out. But for Ambrose, even if he has the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder once more it will be onto the next one with Young at his side. It’s reminiscent of the likes of Sable and Terri Runnels in the 90s, and Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler of the 2000s. The company wants Young in a bigger role, and what better than to have the art of pro wrestling imitate life?

To say this will make it to WrestleMania may be a long shot, but with the trend of Smackdown producing longer feuds, it is very possible fans can see this perhaps culminating in Orlando. This feud could be the Total Divas focus this year, and both men don’t need that treatment considering the company has placed the Total Divas cast in the pre-show last WrestleMania. Overall, everyone involved in this feud must benefit or fans will feel that Ambrose got the short end of the stick yet again. And that is something that fans will not stand for.

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