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Matt HardyA news item that hasn’t been often discussed much of this year has been Matt Hardy. Now I am not talking about bad news items that plagued Matt Hardy and the wrestling world a year ago, I’m talking about the positive news regarding Matt Hardy. For most of you reading this blog the light switch has just come on regarding Matt Hardy and for most of you it’s almost like a “oh yeah I almost forgot about him” type of moment. I don’t mean that feeling in a negative way but as we all know and I can contend to such since I post news at Wrestlechat.net but very rarely does news get posted that is positive about a former WWE, TNA or ROH star.

I’m just to blame for that when it comes to wrestling news because many a times I have taken to posting news at Wrestlechat.net or wrote a blog here at Camelclutchblog.com that is often negative about a professional wrestler, especially something is wrong. Let’s face it, in society today we are more inclined to tune into the news report about a train wreck rather then we are about someone who is doing good for the world. It’s the way things run, especially in media, just turn on your local newscast to see exactly what I mean.

I feel like the wrestling world should give recognition to someone who throughout 2011 was getting beat up on wrestling news sites, wrestling blogs and wrestling podcasts. It wasn’t the fault of the wrestling media, yours included, to talk about Matt Hardy when he was going through a rough patch in his life and frankly he wasn’t making it easy to write anything positive about him during that time. The target on Matt Hardy’s back was bigger then it had ever been as he battled alleged substance abuse issues and got in trouble with law enforcement.

But while we are often to promote someone’s tough time we should also promote someone’s rise back to the top and that’s exactly what Matt Hardy is doing right now. In the case of Matt Hardy, you may have not heard any news about him, sans independent wrestling appearances, because he has cleaned himself up for a year ago. The phrase “no news is good news” is perfect for Matt Hardy right now as he has stayed out of the social microscope of what can be, at times, a very difficult wrestling society, especially when something is going wrong in your life.

I’ve never really understood why we as human beings don’t give people the benefit of the doubt when they rise back from the ashes but help set the fire when they are burning back down. But a trend should change, especially in such a socially powerful world like professional wrestling. It seems like more then any other form of entertainment, we as wrestling fans can be the most vocal and sometimes the most negative fan base in the entire world.

Since Matt came out of rehab what negative news have you heard about him? None at all. He has instead taken his craft back on the independent wrestling circuit and shown fans once again why he is one of the best at using the internet as his stage.

Before it was cool to have a YouTube show, even a YouTube channel or talk to fans on social media outlets, Matt Hardy was doing it. That’s what made him so popular in the mid-2000s with the internet fan base because he made those fans feel like they existed and matter. He brought you into his world and let you see a different side of him & it’s great to see him doing that again.

Hardy is using his YouTube channel, Twitter pages and independent appearances almost as a way to win back the fans or even to apologize through his wrestling ability for letting them down the last year or so. You cannot knock a guy for taking the cards dealt to him and instead of going down back to that beaten path he has decided to prove detractors like myself wrong. It’s truly an inspiring story to witness and one that I cannot believe is going so unnoticed in such a microscope driven world like professional wrestling.

Well I hope it gets noticed now because he deserves the recognition of overcoming real life obstacles to get back on his feet again. Wrestlers can when all the championships in an organization or draw the most money but to me, watching a wrestler, especially in this industry, overcome obstacles such as these makes him a real life champion. In a world that is scripted the life of Matt Hardy has been unscripted and he’s writing a better ending then any fan could have hoped for.

If Matt Hardy ever reads this blog I just want to let him know that I apologize for any wrong that I said about you during that rough patch in your life. To see you overcome these obstacles in the last 6-9 months has been great to see and while there are no “breaking news” stories out there about you overcoming these obstacles it does not go unnoticed. Keep on the path you are going, for the fans you may have lost along the way like me, you are regaining them. Not for any promo you said or any match you were in, you are regaining them because you are conquering obstacles that no booker could ever place in front of you.

Matt Hardy is a true champion and once again is proving the wrestling world wrong, thank you for making me & many others eat our words.

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