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The WWE RAW Side of the 1/4 War – Recap

Bret HartYes, TNA had Hulk Hogan appear on the 4th. Probably the biggest thing I saw was the “Nature Boy” on TNA Impact television. Why that’s huge, even though there have been rumors that Ric Flair will be in TNA Wrestling? In ways I feel like I’m 15 years younger and watching the first WCW Monday Night Nitro and just saw Lex Luger appear on WCW television, where he was a WWF employee less than 24 hours previously.

TNA also got Jeff Hardy, Sean Waltman, and Scott Hall [who looks like he’s gained some weight in the face, and dies his beard, or the beard that he has] appeared on their television. To be honest, I don’t care. After “Hollywood” Hulkster came out, mere minutes before Raw starts, I decided that I’m switching it over to the USA network from Spike TV to watch Monday Night Raw right at the top of the hour at 8pm Central!

Raw opens up with a Bret “the Hit Man” Hart video package. You don’t know how excited I am to see Bret Hart back on World Wrestling Federation, er, World Wrestling Entertainment television. “We Want Bret” chants go while I want Bret!

A modern changed to his theme, and a great pop from the crowd, fireworks go when he stands at the top of the stage, I’m thrilled!

“I guess hell froze over!” where the first words out of Bret Hart’s mouth.

And I guess the same arena that they’re at now, Bret Hart won his first King of the Ring, and mentioned that Jerry Lawler jumped him from behind. Memoires come flooding back.

Bret called out the Heartbreak Kid, and he comes on down to the ring to face Bret face to face, first time since November of 1997, since the Montreal Screw Job. Bret wanted to bury the hacket, and Michaels wanted something to tell Bret, for 12 years. HBK said that Bret deserved what he got 12 years ago in Montreal. That Bret disrespected him and the business when he didn’t want to do the job. But there’s another part of Shawn that a lot of things changed, in his life. Shawn always respected Bret, and Shawn didn’t feel the same back. Shawn wants to move on as well. Shawn wants to bury the hacket.

The hands were shaken. They buried the hacket. They are friends. Then they hug.

After which, Bret called out Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He never came out. Vintage McMahon.

But mid way thought the show, Jericho did have an encounter with Bret, asking him to be the special guest ref for the tag title match, and to screw over DX and Bret told Jericho that Montreal is behind him now and he won’t bring it back up again.

And in the main event of the show, it was a McMahon-Hart confrontation. McMahon “believes” that Bret screwed Bret. He won’t forget that Bret disrespected McMahon by spitting him in his face, knocking him out that night, and disrespecting him at the night he was inducted into the hall of fame. They did burry the hacket, and shook hands. After which, McMahon Hart in the gut and Hart went down. What a crowd heat towards McMahon. I am hoping that they go farther with this.

But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, hope you all enjoyed the night, goodbye!

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