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The Rated-R Superstar Suffers Serious Injury

EdgeThere wasn’t a lot of partying going on this July 4 weekend for WWE superstar Edge. Edge tore his Achilles heel tendon in a match Friday night. Early reports indicate Edge will be out of action until 2010.

The injury is a freak injury for the WWE unified tag team champion. The injury allegedly occurred after only a minute of wrestling. The injury reportedly came as Edge ran towards Jeff Hardy. The match ended immediately and Edge needed EMT support to return to the locker room.

Fortunately these kinds of injuries are rare in the WWE. Considering the amount of wrestling WWE superstars do, that is rather amazing. An injury like this would have ended the career of a pro wrestler years ago. Edge is expected to recover with less mobility and speed when he returns to the ring.

This isn’t the first major injury suffered by Edge. Edge’s most notable injury came in 2003. Edge missed close to a year of action with a severe neck injury. The timing of that injury was even more deadly for Edge. The injury came just as Edge was ascending to the top superstar tier in the WWE.

The injury leaves WWE SmackDown with a huge hole. Edge is without question the top heel on SmackDown. CM Punk is slowly morphing into a top heel, but he is years away from being on Edge’s level. With Jeff Hardy expected to leave within a few weeks, WWE SmackDown could be without three (Undertaker) of its top stars in a matter of weeks.

The injury also comes only a week after Edge and Chris Jericho began a run as unified WWE tag team champions. On paper, this would look like a demotion for two singles stars. However, the two were expected to be the only WWE superstars featured on all three brands. It was more of a compliment and a huge vote of confidence in the two stars.

The WWE could go in a few different directions with this one. The company could simply make up a phantom title change like the old-days of pro wrestling. Dave Meltzer reports that the company is looking at creating an injury angle out of a taped segment between Edge and Great Khali. The plan according to Meltzer is to get the belts on Priceless.

My suggestion would be to keep the belts on Chris Jericho. One idea would be to simply have Jericho defend the belts by himself for awhile. I think it could turn into a hot angle and Jericho could get some great heel heat. Another idea would be to have Jericho pick random partners. The British Bulldogs did this when Dynamite Kid suffered a back injury.

I wouldn’t expect Edge to sit on the sidelines for very long. I would almost guarantee that he would be back as a WWE RAW Guest Host at some point. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him wind up as WWE SmackDown G.M. Kurt Angle played G.M. during his injury years ago. Considering the fact that Vince McMahon and Teddy Long already have a minor storyline going on, this could be the payoff.

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