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The Queen Decides To Permanently Settle at Windsor Castle, Never To Return to Buckingham Palace

Bye, Bye Buckingham.

Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly announced that she will never be returning to Buckingham Palace again and will continue to live at Windsor Castle. This decision came after the Queen had been away for Buckingham Palace for more than two years.

The Queen has been working from Windsor Castle ever since the pandemic began for the past two years. Here are further details about the decision:

Cause of the Decision

When the pandemic started, the Queen had relocated to Windsor Castle along with her late husband Prince Philip. Now after a year has passed since the death of her husband, the 95-year-old queen has decided to stay permanently at Windsor Castle.

About her decision, Hugo Vickers, the royal author said to The Sunday Times: “Windsor is the place she loves. She has her memories with Prince Philip there, she has her ponies there and family nearby. It makes sense.”

The Saint George’s Chapel located in Windsor Castle has witnessed many royal services and ceremonies. It has also been the place of many weddings and burials, and apparently, Prince Philip was also laid to rest at St. George Chapel after he died in April last year at 99.

Renovations of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official residency of the Royals since the year 1837 and at the current moment, it is undergoing refurbishment. The cost estimate of the refurbishment is around £369 million and the predicted time of completion is 2027.

After the renovations were in order, it was decided that the Queen would be moving out of there temporarily however the recent decision came which will lead to the Queen vacating the premises of Buckingham Palace for good.

This decision was also taken considering the minimization of travel and also the fact that the palace is no longer deemed suitable as a long-term home. Hence the Queen will now be permanently staying at Windsor Castle and will be working from home.

Declining Health of The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is set to celebrate her 97th birthday this year on June 2nd. However in a meeting last month it was reported that the Queen was not able to move after she leaned on her walking stick.

Also, last year in October, she was given bed rest of few weeks after she was reported to be going to the hospital for tests for an unspecified illness. She was also tested positive for covid in February and she was reported to have experienced light symptoms while she continued to do a small portion of her duties.

Reports say that the Queen might show up at Buckingham Palace for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year.



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