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The Offer Season 1 Episode 8: Release Date, Plot, Preview, and How to Watch

Where will the series be heading towards?

The Offer was a treat for the fandom of The Godfather movies. Even if it sometimes features over-exaggerated performances and is bloated with subplots that would make you frown, the series was still a hit among the fans. Can’t say the same for critics as the series failed horribly there and received a score of 49% on the Tomatometer.

The series has currently premiered 7 episodes in total and the latest episode 7 just came out. And the fans have been anticipating what would happen in the next episode with high hopes. Today we talk about everything we know about the upcoming eighth episode of the series.

Here are the details:

What Is ‘The Offer’ About?

The Offer is a biographical drama series that features the production and development of the highly popular franchise by Francis Ford Coppola, ‘The Godfather’. The series basically is a remake of the experience of the producer of The Godfather movies, Albert S. Ruddy who shares the making of the movie from his point of view along with Francis Ford Coppola, the director.

The episodes are made based on what the Oscar-winning producer saw and witnessed as they made the movie back in 1972. The cast members are not the original ones obviously and new young actors take their place and portray the characters of the crew of 1972.

The Story So Far

Episode 7 titled “Mr. Producer” was the latest episode that aired on 26 May and it saw some intense changes in the story. Lapidus keeps making trouble for the production and consistently tries to have Pacino fired as the lead actor and removed from the crew.

He is also conspiring with Jack Ballard, the executive producer of Paramount as well as Aram Avakian, the film editor. He conspires with them to make late deliveries of dailies to Bludhorn so that Coppola gets fired.

The Plot of Episode 8

From the events of the last episode, we can definitely make some speculations about the events that will unfold in episode 8. For one thing, it is sure that Gallo is going to make his presence known on the set as the crew will scramble to find out what to do about the upcoming issue.

We will also see some progress in the chemistry between Albert and his new lady as they get more serious. We will also witness Francis continuing to show everyone who’s in control as Coppola and Brando keep impressing everyone on the set.

The Offer Episode 8 Release Date and How to Watch

The eighth episode has been scheduled to release on June 2, 2022. And just like all the previous episodes, the eighth episode will also be released on Paramount+ exclusively. You will be able to stream the eighth episode along with the other episodes on Paramount+ once it is released but you will need a subscription to stream it.

What are your speculations about the next episode? Let us know in the comments.



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