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The Nine WWE Lives of the Colons

The May 16th edition of Raw saw the debut of The Shining Stars. Or the re-debut of the Colon cousins, however you look at it. Over the last month, vignettes had been airing of the cousins, selling you on the idea that Puerto Rico was the place to be. Even during their debut, they were still trying to convince the WWE Universe of this, and went as far to compare the ring as the small island.

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Many have been shaking their heads over the tag team, who has been repackaged and revived time and time again in hopes to perhaps find their niche and get over on the tag team scene. This is their third revival in the course of five years, after the initial Primo and Epico run followed by their silly Los Matadores gimmick. While one can argue that the cousins are fairly talented, they must be for WWE to stay invested in them enough to try to find the cousins a story and characters that will click. Nothing seems to work for these guys in terms of characters.

While time will tell about the Colons’ new direction, let’s look at the surface. Do they even seem like a viable threat for the tag team division? In a division where you have the strength in numbers of the New Day, veteran Dudley Boyz, and the charismatic but equally effective team of Enzo and Cass (given Enzo’s state right now), how will these guys fare this time? There is more talent and depth on the roster than it has been for a few years, not to discredit anyone else.

There isn’t going to be easy chances for the guys to slip their way into high profile matches like in the past. You know how they had been missing off Raw and SmackDown, but find themselves on WrestleMania pre shows and SummerSlam? It seemed like a desperate attempt to keep the tag team afloat. It doesn’t make sense at all.

But how can these guys stand out and make their presence known? They will have to think outside the box and try within their means to get over, plain and simple. If they want to be taken seriously, the team must show the fans that they are putting in the effort. This includes possibly stepping out of their comfort zone in terms of moveset and impact. The odds will already be against the cousins, who have struggled to entertain the WWE Universe in the past.

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For now the cousins must sink or swim with the new life that has been breathed into them. The third time may be the charm or it may be the third strike and they are out. At this point, their championship accomplishment is rather overlooked. The point is to have the staying power and longevity in this new era of WWE. While they were lucky to get the opportunity, now is the time to make the most of it. They made it this far, surviving the last five years on the roster. Now it’s time to prove that they belong and deserve to stay.

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