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The NFL Brawl With Hall – Video

Mike Smith Atlanta Falcons BrawlThis was one of the best scenes I have ever seen as an NFL fan. Check out this video of Atlanta Falcons headcoach Mike Smith sticking up for team and going nose-to-nose with DeAngelo Hall. The former Falcon was outspoken all week leading up to this game against his former team. The former Falcon was released two years ago and run out of town after a tumultuous 2007 season. The former Falcon has been running his mouth all week about his former team and the franchise. Coach Smith had enough and what ensues is just all-out chaos on the sidelines.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hall followed the altercation up by crying in post-game interviews about the incident. Hall said he is going to file a grievance with the league. Hall may have a hard time finding character witnesses for him on this one. Some of DeAngelo Hall’s greatest hits include…

Hall carried a Michael Vick poster with him out on an NFL field the day Vick was sentenced for 23 months in jail. It’s okay in Hall’s book to murder and brutalize dogs, but he draws the line at a head coach getting into his face.

Hall was outright released by the Oakland Raiders last year after signing a $70 million contract. This is a guy that was such a bad guy that the Raiders got rid of him! The most dysfunctional team in the NFL took an $8 million hit because DeAngelo Hall was such a cancer to the team. Now that is an accomplishment!

Hall managed to rack up 67 penalty yards on his own with three consecutive penalties against the Carolina Panthers. The Falcons were leading 17-10 in the fourth quarter and hadn’t won a game all year at that point. The 67 yards led to a Panthers touchdown which tied the game. The Carolina Panthers eventually won the game.

[adinserter block=”2″]So if you are expecting a long list of character references to step up for Hall as he complains about being bullied on by a 50-year old silver-haired head coach, keep waiting.

I wouldn’t expect a similar moment from Brian Dawkins and Andy Reid in December, but it would be a lot of fun! I have a feeling coach would lose the battle in the court of public appeal on that one.

Thanks to wiki for some of the DeAngelo Hall facts.

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