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Inside The Wheelhouse: Is the NEXUS done?

Wade BarrettReports came out this week on various wrestling websites that the WWE creative team is planning to end the Nexus stable and storyline come October. That’s right wrestling fans the angle that took the wrestling world by storm in the summer of 2010 plans to be over in just five months of work. Clearly showing that the WWE had no intentions from the start of this thing to have the Nexus be a mainstay on WWE television for very long.

If these reports deem to be true it will be a sad case of events and leaving many wrestling fans wondering whether or not the angle was successful in the end. I think it is too soon to tell whether or not the angle itself was successful since it is still going on as we speak. Until that moment arrives I will look at it then, for the time being I will at least look at it for now.

For the most part the angle has been a great success for the WWE. It has elevated basically seven no name wrestling talents to the top of the wrestling mountain, whether it is for the long haul or for short term. It gave us fresh faces in a matter of moments, weeks and months, something many wrestling companies (i.e. TNA) are struggling to do right now.

[adinserter block=”2″]It has made Wade Barrett a future star in the business. The guy not only won NXT season one but has been the main focus and build of this entire angle from the start of it. The WWE sees a lot in his future and the phrase “future World Champion” is titles he can coin for the time being until that strap eventually get around his waist.

While it has made Wade Barrett a star it hasn’t really elevated any of the other wrestlers in the Nexus stable. No one star has truly stuck out as being on the “Barrett level” which is disappointing to see. The mic skills of Michael Tarver & David Otunga appear to be pretty decent with obvious rooms of improvement; the in-ring ability of Justin Gabriel appears to be the best of the bunch sans Wade Barrett right now and the power of Skip Sheffield appear to be more devastating every week of RAW.

When we look back at this angle I truly hope it is under the microscope of a positive light in the wrestling business. For it was something wrestling needed and something the WWE needed badly. New stars and fresh faces is what helped make the WWE attitude era great in the late-90’s when it was going up against a company pushing older talent down the audiences’ throat. It was almost déjà vu all over again when TNA was doing the same thing while WWE was promoting younger/fresher talent.

The reports of the Nexus angle eventually coming to an end in October appear to where the WWE creative team is heading right now. They removed the lackluster Darren Young from the group and put him on the ship of the eventually “future endeavored.” Now mix that up with the unfortunate broken leg injury to Skip Sheffield suffered last week and you have to begin to wonder if the Nexus has gone from an adrenaline rush to life support in a matter of weeks.

[adinserter block=”1″]I would really like to see the Nexus train continuing to pick up speed but I foresee it coming to its eventual end at the station rather soon. Whenever it ends it was a great ride to watch as a wrestling fan, let’s hope that the WWE creative team came find a great for it to end just as great as it started.

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