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The Newsroom Ends Season Two on One Knee

The second season of ‘The Newsroom’ started with such promise as they gave us bits and pieces of what seemed like a much bigger and more entertaining story. Even though I don’t believe the payoff was as good as the hype, the writing and overall acting is way above average, as it is one of the best shows on television right now. I don’t think I’m the only person who was disappointed by the overall direction of the season as has reported that the ratings were a little down for this year’s finale, compared to last season.

[adinserter block=”1″]So after consuming the finale (‘Election Night Part II’) and recounting the season as a whole, what do we know? We learned that the big story was Genoa, and the idea that one erroneous report can morally and physically bankrupt an entire news network.

If that isn’t ridiculous enough, it’s the idea that a guy can tamper with a video that falsely claims that the US government used sarin gas in a military operation in Pakistan, and he’s the victim?!!?! The idea that rich, smart, and highly successful people are in any way worried about this guy’s lawsuit seems highly far-fetched to me. What judge or jury is going to side with him? What lawyer is defending him? This is such a preposterous storyline, but it was great to see how a news team would seemingly handle such a situation.

(The Genoa storyline is derived from the real-life CNN Tailwind situation. For those who need more explanation, the Atlantic, has done a great job comparing the two.)

Now onto Will proposing to Mac… where do I start? I’m not a big TV romance person (I don’t think you need a love story to sustain viewer’s interest), but I have been intrigued with Will and Mac’s story throughout both seasons. There seemed to be some aspects of how a real relationship gone wrong would work, sandwiched in-between plot devices that make the magical world of television what it is. They needed Will’s marriage proposal to happen at the end of the season and be the last thing viewers remember, so they rushed it. Will McAvoy seems to be a very smart man but he just now realizes that he loves MacKenzie, and in-turn she loves him? He just now realizes that he has some culpability in their breakup? I would have liked to see them spread this whole thing out over an entire season 3, and end that season with the proposal acceptance, but what do I know?

The best moment of the finale for me was Sloan kissing Don. I don’t particularly like Don, but when Sloan busted into the control room and kissed him, he had the line of the series, “What I have can’t be taught!” (LOL!) That was immediately followed by MacKenzie (trying to stay on schedule, and get Sloan on set for their live broadcast) yelling at Don to “Get her in the chair.” If you don’t watch the show, it’s hard to get why that sequence was so funny, just trust me, it was. It was a great bit of comedy and a perfect way to entice the audience’s appetite for a Sloan-Don romance in season three.

Going forward, I am interested in seeing what happens with Jim and Maggie. Jim is still in love with Maggie; now has a new girlfriend Hallie; seems to have unfinished business with Maggie’s ex-best friend (and his ex-girlfriend) Lisa. What a messy love life for Jim, but I am sure they will address it in season three. It was also odd to me that Maggie had such an issue with her Africa experience but Gary (who went with her to Africa and supposedly witnessed the same tragedy) seems to be perfectly OK. What’s that about? I hope they find a conclusion or resolution to that entire situation next season, because I just don’t think it fits with the rest of the storylines on the show.

[adinserter block=”2″]The dialogue and quick-witty banter between the characters still works. It’s also cool to see this fake newscast of real-life news. My mind is already spinning with anticipation of how they are going to “cover” some of the news that’s happening right how. I just hope they will stay true to what viewers want to see and not get bogged down with ridiculously hypothetical stories that make me roll my eyes deep into the back of my head

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  1. I like the characters too. I like Don now, but hated him at first. He seemed like such a jerk to Maggie. They talk and interact so fast on this show it makes my head spin sometimes, but you are right Sorkin does a good job writing the show. There has to be a season 3, the show has more legs I think.

  2. I love Don (and have from almost the start) so THE KISS/reaction was the highlight for me. But I'm surprised at how much I like Jim and Halie and Maggie was made more interesting in the last few episodes too. I love this cast and how Sorkin writes for them. I think maybe a few more fictional news stories would probably help with real ones thrown in too. I hope we get a season three, but I'm not so sure Mr Sorkin does. He sure did tie up the season finale in a big bow.


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